Thursday, 1 October 2015

Take a seat...

... and il show you my nightmares...

you may or may not know that the Nightmare event just opened today and its CREEPY!!! but oh so cool, Make sure you do the walk through its gonna make you jump! well it did me, several times!

Theres a Pumpkin hunt while your exploring too, grab a hud and get collecting, theres 25 in all, find them all while being totally freaked out by the gouls and nasties and CLOWNS!!! if you make it out in one piece, you can go to the shopping bit and spend some moneh! oh and collect all your freebies! theres a lot of them so its well worth hunting!

Collar : ALTAIR - dead love collar Free Gift 
Crown : Astralia - Spider Goddess Crown RARE!
Web lash decor : Astralia - Spider Goddes lashes decor RARE!
Spider buddies ; Astralia - Spider Goddess (body common)
Eyes : NOX - Hallow Eyes  
Lipstick : NOX - Un/holy Lip
skelli hands accessories : Schadenfreude - Skeletal Grip
EyePatch : . Quirky . - Blind Mode - Spiked
Ring : { Speakeasy } - Vamp Teeth Ring (F) RARE
Tattoo : {T'Ink} - Heebie-jeebies
Shoes : ALTAIR - nightmare heels Blood

Not only the nightmare event opened recently, theres also suicide Dollz and kinky monthly too .. 

i did have another post in mind for KM but i got distracted with this one so expect some cute yet alluring pictures soon :P  thats if i can get my head outa the spook zone! its hard after having spent 3 days making a tattoo and having nightmares over it, i did ya know... real nightmares, i'm really really afraid of clowns, it was traumatic i tells ya! but i think i did a decent job... considering i had my eyes closed most of the time haha 

Dress : [ abrasive ] - Latex Strap Dress - Clear
Nails : [Covert Harlot] - Long Square Nails + Glitter Tips

Socks : FnH - Cotton Boot Socks Skulls

Hair : Magika - Lessons
Mouth - .:Soul:. Kissers [v.2] - Anya - Vampire Open 

Wow lots of goodies as always, i hope i got them all, ive missed something on every post recently ... so much to list its not my fault !!  

More Nightmarish stuff to come along with some slinkies so come back soon ok? 
im going to go unpack all my freebies and see what kinda outfit i can muster up  ^_^

See ya soon!!!
Titty image