Tuesday, 27 October 2015

and the Totally Kawaii !!!!!

Well then this is part 3 of my lil saga of adorableness!  we had the good... the bad... and now the Totally Kawaii !  coz thats what i'm in love with! cuteness! pinkness, princessness!!  above all prettehness! and all 3 posts were awesomes! i had a lotta fun putting outfits together. not to mention hunting out the bits of the outfits, i tells ya.. yard sales are a godsend! <3  i found a great free one that sets up for the Big Gacha events, right not its full of Tag stuff, nothing over pull price so dont expect to find rars there but its awesome for grabbing that elusive common you just couldn't get!
Gachaopolis  Thankyou for the ladies who provide this great space for nothing <3   oh you can also bounce down to my little collection of cuteness too if ya like ..  Titties Tresures  pull price or below for commons, rares at reasonable prices too .. i have so much stuff its silly lol   all proceeds go back into sl of course, i just spend what i get on more gacha stuffs haha.  ok ok enough self promotion.. i'm terrible ... back to the cuteness.. lets go through all these goodies!

Skirt/Top outfit : DeadDolls - Manon Panties/Bra 
necklace's : Izzie's - Weather Necklace   Short cloud/snow, Long umbrella RARE

Tag Gacha Items

Headband : Sweet Thing. & darkendStare - Plush Angel Headband
Eyes : Clemmm - Cornea Transplant Pink
Kitty Face Tattoo : antielle - HSotD - 9 - Nyan / Blushed Nose
Wings : Stockholm&Lima: - Neon Heart Wings

Hair : TRUTH HAIR - Ryleigh
Nose Ring : *katat0nik* - (pink) Drippy Septum Ring @ WayWard
Shoes; N-core - NORMA "Pale Pink" (GROUP GIFT) 
Soxs : *MUKA* - Thigh Socks 
Armbands : *MUKA* - Alia Armstrap
Gloves : *HolliPocket* Brenty Lace Gloves
Panda Ring : [tea.s] - Pandicorn Ring @ Geeks n Nerds 
Tattoo/Chest piercing : {T'Ink} - Spoopy Tattoo/Cleavage piercing

so did you like my little trilogy? hope so ... i included at the bottom of each post the combined picture... This one ... 

and im betting you wanna know where all the props are from too ... so imma be nice and tells you .. right .... now!!  :P 

Sofa : Scarlet Creative - Meribel Day Sofa 
Lantern : {anc} -  forest lantern.  {fantasy blue} *Tag Gacha
Cookie : {anc} - Laughs Cat Cookie  Trick or Treat Gift for *Tag Gacha 
Brick Decor : [NO CONCEPT] - wall brick @ Kustom9
Manga Sign : NOMAD - MANGA SFX . 04 (Shiny)  @ Geeks n Nerds
Corgi :  Sweet Thing. & darkendStare  - Blk Monster Corgi Pet SECRET RARE  *Tag Gacha
Rug : RO - Hotel Paranoia - D-Rug  *Tag Gacha

congrats Mis Kat for getting on EVERY post haha, Katat0nik is good,bad and so totally Kawaii <3 
Also Sweething & darkenedstare for the fantastic headbands and Corgi and Stockholm&Lima for making such awesometastik wings!!  ooh i alsmot forget charlie! thankyou for the fabulous Lushiush lips too !!!    ive had too much fun with these and spent a small fortune lol but its sooo worth it!  not sure whats up next,  as i already mentioned Kinky Monthly opened this week so its probably time to get a little naughty! 

BTW  the main pictures, do you like me doing them like that? or is separates better? if anyone reads this.. let me know K? <3

See ya soon!!!
Titty image