Sunday, 4 June 2017

Mischievous dragon puffs

Hai Dollies!!   happy Sunday!  woohoo Monday is just around the corner!!!  haha  i know i hate mondays too  but never mind eh, its not here yet!
the weekend hold the beginning of the womens only hunt, so many awesome goodies all for free to be found in coconuts throughout some of SL's most awesome stores! theres actually a good mix of stuff this round, all kinds of stores are involved so there is most defiantly something in there for everyone! il put a link at the bottom where to get your hud. its cool actually, the Hud as it holds all your LM's and hints in it.. dead easy for bouncing around grabbing gifties and hopefully finding stores you love that you didnt know where there.. thats my favorite thing about hunts.. take you places you never go!  the Arcade also opened this weekend... ive not been personally, i did go for a snoop around the Seraphim Yardsale my favorite place to snag them items ive gotta have, since they are only allowed to sell items at pull price you won't find rare items but you also won't get ripped off buying a common. \o/

Hair : Magika - A Perfect MessImage result for sale sign animated gif SALE ON NOW Image result for sale sign animated gif 
Collar/harness : Birdy. - Baby Girl - Lara -  Harness (for top) - Silver @ The Arcade till june 30 image
makeup is the same as my last post.

Top : Birdy. - Baby Girl - Lara - Top - White/Pink The Arcade image
Jacket : Birdy. - Baby Girl - Lara - Jacket - White/Pink The Arcade image
Tattoo : {T'Ink} Summer Treats HUNT GIFT  

Skirt : Birdy. - Baby Girl - Lara - Skirt - White/Pink The Arcade image
Shoes : MOoH! Gail boots Pastel @ The Thrift Shop till june 18 


Dragon puffs : darkendStare. dragon puffs @ Sanarae till June 18  image
Bookshelf backdrop : Astralia - Messy bookshelf background The Arcade image
Pose 1 : La Baguette
Poses 2/3:  FoxCity

Womens Only Hunt hud is available here  

more comming tommorow i hope, coz ive got a new sponsor to show off ;P