Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Just clowning around!

Grrr Arggg!
yup its getting towards that time of year when everyone gets Spoooky ! I love it! I'd rather have Halloween 2x a year and skip xmas!  the more Kowai the better is you ask me ^-^

one of my biggest fears is clowns!  
i Hate them! they scare my pants off! why oh why do they even exist? does anyone not fear clowns? horrible critters! ok im sure you get the idea .. so why i hear you ask are you dressed up like one you dooofus!
well ... i dunno! its Halloween! :P

Hair : [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Gella hair-Pink set
Makeup : NOX. - Deadly Sins [Gluttony]  Rare

The Cosmetics Fair is back again this time its all Gachas!  luckily i didnt spend too much! as i got the makeup on the second pull \o/ but the hair.. im not even going to .... nope not telling how much i spent.. far more then i would if it had been in a vendor for sure .. but i did eventually get the pinks pack though after a LOT of pulls i didn't get a single rare! * sad face * the odds seem to get smaller as the price of pulls gets higher eh? Imma do a gacha tattoo thingy for Anybody this month, 25L a pull with 10% rare chance! thats how it should be!! anyways.... lalalala i's not ranting at all ... nope nope nope! the hair is Fab! i loves it! 
I went to the Cosmopolitan sim again for thier Hello Tuesday Cart sale and picked up this posts Bargain buy! just 50L for this awesome body suit!  Thankyou Maai! image Collaber88 is still on too i got these.. gloves? Cuffs? Gluffs? haha from there my old fav kata0nik as always had the perfect item for my outfit idea!

Body Suit : MAAI - Sweetheart lingerie - Black & White  ( still available for 50L Here )
Gluffs : katat0nik - Lace Cuffs @ Collabor88
Garters/Armcuffs : . Quirky . - ME!ME!ME! Set - Black @ Kawaii Project
Shoes : =Zenith=  - Leather Heels with Socks (Black) @ Kustom9
Choker : Quirky . - Zipper Choker @ IDK

can you see my eyepatch? its sooo cute! i found it while walking around a gacha yard sale, no clue what event it was in .. if it was in one even but i had to grab it! its from a store called " rotten toe "   made me chuckle. 
I also had a dig around in my inventory for this awesome skirt i bought ages ago ! i knew i'd wear it eventually! just needed the right Look \o/ i loves it! its sooo fluffy! 

Like the Tattoo?  I made that special for the outfit coz my chest was all bare and it looked weird... It's simple... but it works so well dont ya think?  i dropped it out for sale for just 50L 

Another Set of Soul Kissers too .. these nasty nashers are called chompers! they are another Relay for life Special so a chunk of the money goes to the cancer charity \o/  and the makeup comes with a Kissers applier! \o/  swesome or what! 

Mouth/Teeth : .:Soul:. Kissers - Cupid's Pout - Chompers 
EyePatch : RoTtEn ToE - White Kitty Clown Eye Patch RARE
Skirt : :Moon Amore: - Sabrina Skirt (Pink)
Eyes : Clemmm - Penny Rainu Eyes *GIFT* ( not sure its there anymore )
Tattoo : { T'Ink }- Isabow 

Props n Poses 
Music Box : DRD - MM musicbox @ the arcade  ( Edited to massive size )
Glitter : [ keke ] - star glitter
Mist : {anc} - mist cloud
Poses : 
Vanity Poses - Art Reflected @ My Attic
<K&S> - Puppet Poses

so what do ya think? scary or cute? i know what id vote for, btw... did ya find Dickbutt? he's hiding real well in the main picture :P 

See ya soon!!!
Titty image