Saturday, 7 October 2017

Batty BabyGirl

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Dollis! hows it goin?   good? me too!  * hugs *  its my favorite month of the year finally! October is here and halloween is coming! \o/  i love Halloween, even more than xmas, best celebration of the year hand down.  il be doing a few spooky pictures before it hits but this one has just a hint of creepy and a huge does of cuteness!  <3

Frou Frou Ends tomorrow on the 8th so get over there now to get in that last minute shopping before it poofs!


Hair : /Wasabi Pills/ Chai Mesh Hair w/ Kitty Ears  @ Chapter4 till Nov 1st tumblr_inline_ml6y22siBU1qz4rgp
Blush : Ocha. Lovely Thing GACHA - Blush01 @ Project7 till 30th tumblr_inline_ml6y22siBU1qz4rgp
Lip Stain : .ARISE. Kelly Lipstick / Pack 1  @ Chapter4


tumblr_inline_n24e9voyVR1qfc9y0 .com/proxy/ Bra top : Kaithleen's Latex Frou Frou Top @ Frou Frou till 8th .com/proxy/ tumblr_inline_n24e9voyVR1qfc9y0
tumblr_inline_n24e9voyVR1qfc9y0 .com/proxy/ Harness/body suit : [CX] Na'amah's Chains (Pink/Silver) @ Frou Frou  .com/proxy/ tumblr_inline_n24e9voyVR1qfc9y0
Wrist bands : *Petit Chat* Atlas cuffs @ Chapter4
tumblr_inline_n24e9voyVR1qfc9y0 Tattoo : {T'Ink} Cloud Drake @ Anybody till 15th tumblr_inline_n24e9voyVR1qfc9y0


Boots : #EMPIRE - Woolly @ N21 till  12th

tumblr_inline_n24e9voyVR1qfc9y0 Bats : darkendStare. gone batty Gacha set @ The Gacha Guardians tumblr_inline_n24e9voyVR1qfc9y0 tumblr_inline_ml6y22siBU1qz4rgp
Backdrop : Astralia - Ballons and graffiti backdrop tumblr_inline_ml6y22siBU1qz4rgp
Pose : Quar Store - Kimberly pose pack BENTO  @ Chapter4

Blogged Before 
Rings : *PL* love // LOVE // nails RARE @ Sanarea till 18th tumblr_inline_ml6y22siBU1qz4rgp
Nails : Kibitz - Desperation rings - right - maitreya bento - silver @ Kustom9 till 10th


Monday, 2 October 2017

I dream of Titty

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Hai Dollies!  hows you dooin today?  good i hope. I'm ok. weather sucks chunks so i'm stuck indoors again * cries * but at least i had time to do a picture to show off some awesome goodies i hunted down in the last week. theres bits from all over the place, so many cool events opened up this week its so hard not to buy everything!!!  but sadly not enough L,s for everything so i picked up my favorite bits to cobble this together... cute right?  i have to say i really really love the floppy over sized shirt on a gurl, in sl and RL its so simple yet so sexy without having to show anything off! 


Hair : {Limerence} Nikki hair @ Kinky  till 18th
Bindi : SAGA - My Moon Bindi @ Limit 8 till  13th GIFT tumblr_inline_mljkvtHz9b1qz4rgp
Lipstick : .ARISE. Josy Lipstick (naturals) @ @ Limit 8
Collar : The Horror!~ Keht Collar (Pink/Silver)
Lollypop : Catwa - Bento Lollipop


tumblr_inline_n24e9voyVR1qfc9y0 Bra : EVANI - Belizzia Bra @ Frou Frou till 8th tumblr_inline_n24e9voyVR1qfc9y0
Shirt : TABOU. Briteny BF Shirt (M.Lara)- White @ Kinky 
tumblr_inline_n24e9voyVR1qfc9y0 Tattoo : {T'Ink} - Rainbow Roses tumblr_inline_n24e9voyVR1qfc9y0
Rings : *PL* love // LOVE // nails RARE @ Sanarea till 18th tumblr_inline_ml6y22siBU1qz4rgp
Nails : Kibitz - Desperation rings - right - maitreya bento - silver @ Kustom9 till 10th


Booties : fri. - Millie Booties (Coal) @ shoetopia till 9th


Location : Whole Wheat  
Base Pose : Imitation - Jasmine pose set  ( Adjusted a lot with Animare )

just a little note on the shirt, i had to alpha a large portion of my hip to hide it, resulting in alphaing out part of my leg because the rigging was off in the hips so its not actually wearable day to day, ALWAYS TRY A DEMO! 


Monday, 25 September 2017

Lab Rat Rescue

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Hai Dollies!   was your weekend as crappy as mine?  i hope not.  ok actually mine wasnt as bad as all that, i did get to catch up ( even though it was only for a minute) with my favorite MR who's been super busy recently, so that was awesome, other than that it sucked lol ...

So what did i do? ... i went shopping of course! <3    and i watched a lot of judge Judy... Dunno why just did she's so funny!    anyways .. lets get back to the picture.. a daring rescue was held at Kokoro Academy Science lab last night, all the adorable lab rats were rescued by the most adorable girl eva! Her identity is still a mystery but we have this snap shot of the security camera where it seems she stuck a pose and waved!  * Giggles *


Hair : Doe: Poof - Pastels @ Kawaii Project till Oct 10
Choker : Kibitz - Diamonds choker - White - Silver @ PocketGacha tumblr_inline_ml6y22siBU1qz4rgp


Sweater : [CoD!] "Yeong-mi set" Sweater (Maitreya) PINK PLAIDS @ Kawaii Project
Shirt/Skirt/Tie : [CoD!] "Yeong-mi set" Shirt&Skirt (Maitreya) PINK PLAIDS @ Kawaii Project
tumblr_inline_n24e9voyVR1qfc9y0Nails : *Merlific* Eva Nails Flower @ Anybody till 30th tumblr_inline_n24e9voyVR1qfc9y0
Rings : Kibitz - Desperation rings - silver @ Kustom9 till Oct 10
tumblr_inline_n24e9voyVR1qfc9y0 Tattoo : {T'Ink} Rainbow Roses @ Anybody tumblr_inline_n24e9voyVR1qfc9y0


Sox : fri. - Regina Socks (Cloud)


Rats : Schadenfreude Ratties @ Kawaii Project tumblr_inline_ml6y22siBU1qz4rgp
Pose : FOXCITY. Hella Cute Bento Pose Set @ On9 till 28th



Wednesday, 13 September 2017

The Last Rose Of Summer

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dollies!!!   its Wednesday.. humpday .. mid week, half way to the weekend!  hows your week going?
the frou frou event is now in full swing, so many pretty things are on the walls over there. as promised im featuring some more undies from the event, along with a few bits from around the grid to finish the look.


Hair : little bones. - Rumor @ Collabor88 till Oct 6th
tumblr_inline_n24e9voyVR1qfc9y0 Eye makeup : ARTERY // Sugar Eyeshadow @ Appliqué opens 15th tumblr_inline_n24e9voyVR1qfc9y0
Lip Stain : .ARISE. Nicci Lipstick / Pack 4 @ Chapter4 till Oct 4th


tumblr_inline_n24e9voyVR1qfc9y0 Collar : Luas - Claudia Choker @ Frou Frou till Oct 8th tumblr_inline_n24e9voyVR1qfc9y0
Necklace : #EMPIRE - Letter Necklace - Silver - T @ The Arcade till 30th tumblr_inline_ml6y22siBU1qz4rgp
tumblr_inline_n24e9voyVR1qfc9y0 Undies set : Tres Blah - Collette Lingerie @ Frou Frou tumblr_inline_n24e9voyVR1qfc9y0


Socks : Pure Poison - Anita Socks @ Collabor88 

Props n Poses

Sofa : Scarlet Creative - The Arcade Sep 17 - Sofia Sofa Rose MT @ The Arcade tumblr_inline_ml6y22siBU1qz4rgp
Backdrop : WHOLE.WHEAT - Cottage Window Backdrop
Teddy : MishMish - Teddy Bear - Sleeping / Latte @ Collabor88
Pose : Self made

I have to also mention this store i found while i was bouncing around,  so i was looking for a fake window type backdrop for my photo and was roaming the marketplace looking for the right thing when i spotted this one, as always i wanted to check it out in world since as we all know photo editing hides loads. that and i wanted to make sure it would actually work with my idea... so i popped over there and found the most awesome Store! not only do they make some really decent and useful backdrops but the whole thing is a plethora of photo scenes and stages that are totally free to use by anyone, there are some really awesome set ups over there, some full scenes some backdrops theres a bunch i wanna use and whats even cooler is you can rez there!  if you join the group for 150L you can rez your own props n poses and play around with the scenes to make them unique theres like 5 different locations and 2 floors of backdrops to play with, i had to give them an honorable mention for thier creativity and generosity! Tanku Much !!! so get over to whole wheat and snap some pictures! .. go .. naow!!!    run ... shu...  wait.. go shopping first then go take pictures!!  <3


Saturday, 9 September 2017

Come a little Closer

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2 posts in one day!!!!!   what can i say ive missed making pretty pictures!  and theres a great brand new event opening on the 10th of September that ive gotta tell you about. Frou Frou by flair for events is all about 100% original mesh lingerie! there are some great names on the line up and il be bringing you looks you can create with items from the event over the next few days. there really are some lovely stuff coming up, so if you are in the market for something slinky.. haul ass over there.. take your man and his wallet and make him treat you to something your both gonna love... on the bedroom floor lol


Hair : Sintiklia - Hair Safire @ The Liaison Collaborative till 30th
Eyemakeup : .ARISE. Rae Paint @ The Liaison Collaborative 
Lipstick : Zibska ~ Aubera Lip @ The Liaison Collaborative 
Choker : Ama. : Minerva Necklace Set @ The Liaison Collaborative 


tumblr_inline_n24e9voyVR1qfc9y0Bra top : .miss chelsea. Fina Top @ Frou Frou opens Sep 10th tumblr_inline_n24e9voyVR1qfc9y0


tumblr_inline_n24e9voyVR1qfc9y0Undies : .miss chelsea. Fina bottoms @ Frou Froutumblr_inline_n24e9voyVR1qfc9y0
tumblr_inline_n24e9voyVR1qfc9y0Stockings : !BBD - Nylon Stockings @ Frou Froutumblr_inline_n24e9voyVR1qfc9y0

Props n poses
{moss&mink} Sweet Retreat Gacha items The Arcade till 30th tumblr_inline_ml6y22siBU1qz4rgp

more to come from Frou Frou so please check it out when it opens tomorrow i'm sure you won't be disappointed