Sunday, 11 October 2015

100 ways to look sexy ....

In Slippers!!!!  last time it was sox this time sox and slippers! i know i know sexy bish eh? actually i just LOVED these slippers they are sooo cute! i got them from chapter 4 was a gacha but i only had 3 pulls and i go the pink ones! gotta love that!
yup i's still wearing that hair, i can;t take it off i LOVES it too !! i did how eva add's some kitty ears just to mix it up a bit :P

i hope you have some spare time.. coz this post is gonna be a big one! huge one... Massive one! oh and incase your looking for him, No DB this post.. coz i forgot... My Bad!  ive got a whole lot to show you so we better get on with it before ya get bored and bugga off  ;)

Slippers : . offbeat . - happy virus : bunny slipper pink 
Roses : ANC - {anc} suger rose field
Kittie ears hadband : pr!tty - Autumn Kitty - {Headband}

Undies : [La Baguette] - Tokara Lingerie ~ Pink

Pic 1 : !Q.B! - Bliss~Fairy Floss
Pic 2 : Pixel Geek - Sheer Pinup Bodysuit
Cuffs/Collar : . Quirky . - Lovable Set 
Pic 1 : Go*DiVa - DaSHa Bodysuit (Blue)
Pic 2 : 1 Hundred - Wanting Bodysuit. Black 

Pic 1 : Lolita - Mesh Mandarin Dress White  
Pic 2 : [I<3F] - Corset with Skirt - Dots  

lots right? one more left ... this adorable dolly dress by Tanoshi thats over at The Nightmare, so cute! and just what i needed after that steam of almost nudeness ... some cover! lol

did you notice the critters in the background? those ratties are so cute! imma do another post with better pictures of them in a day or 2 i have to they are just too cute !  just wait you will agree by the time you see them propper!

Dress : Tanoshi's Home made Dolly Dress
Rats : silentsparrow - Rattie Gacha
Candle : The Horror! - Spook Candle  free Gift!!!

ok I's Pooped! back soon... see ya then?  I better :P or imma come find you !! 

See ya soon!!!
Titty image