Monday, 24 August 2015

Mine!!! ^-^


Hai Peoples! How you be today?

Well theres a lot going on this week oh my there is! well isn't there always? so many events, so many sale so little time and even less cash!

Right .. lets see whats going on here.. Kitteh Titteh! :P

This is a hodge podge of different event items so theres gonna be quiet a list i think ..

We have Kinky Monthly Starting soon! Collaba88 closing soon! N21 opened this weekend... i think, oooh and a snag from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival. I've had fun putting this together, hunting through yard sales for the pink birds coz i tried 5 times to get one from the store gacha but .. noooo of course i didnt get pink ones but its cool. i found some \o/  and now im gonna EAT them!! RAWR!

Ive been lucky enough to be taken into the Kinky Monthly Blogger team! my first official event sponsor! Woohoo ! so pleased so imma do a bang up job of promoting all the kinky stuffs they have up for grabs, theres loads too forgive me for turning the kinky into cuteness but lets face it, thats what i do!!

@ Kinky Monthly Opens August 25th

Outfit : Abrasive - Fetish PinUp
Collar : Le Morte - Lock3d Faith 
Tail plug : nani - fluffy tail plug
Picture 3 Pose  : nani - fluffy Pose 5

Check out this hair! its crazy! but so cool, i had no clue how i was gonna use it when i bought it but i just had to haz it! its the whole headpiece and the hair back, its just so awesome! lol not for every day coz im fed up of bumping into things on account of not being able to see so good but for every now and then,, awesome! i got it at N21 go get it! now now now! I got the boots there too thankyou Reign for doing shoes that fit mesh body legs <3 and sorry for tinting you epic boots but they just didn't match before!  i love them all the same! you might also notice ive got Mesh lips on, not my usual thing to be honest but these just looked great with the hair, they are .:Soul:. Kissers - Anya - Closed with neko teeth added, its a lovely mouth, nice puffy lips so cute, i was lucky enough to be able to match the skin close enough for the pictures coz deetalez as far as i know don't do the appliers, il have to check, 

Hair/Head Piece : Moon. & [VALE KOER] Hair - Element
Boots : REIGN.- Gladiator Heels, White ( edited and tinted ) 

Claws : [CX] - Hayop Claws

Background mists : {anc} - mist clouds 
twinklie stars : [ keke ] - star glitter and Circle
Nose ring : Mons - Dreamer Septum Ring (style-2) silver
Skin : DeeTaleZ - Skin A.T.W. -  Jenna C88   only 188L 

other bits 
Birdie lights :{anc} - cocktailbird/ bird:pink:fly/stand
Bracers : Muka - Athena - Black @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival

i have to admit imma be sad to take this all off, i look soooo cool and unusual! i had so much fun setting up the pictures. got lots more to come over the next few days so come back a lot there might be something new that you absolutely must get! 
See ya laters

Titty image