Sunday, 25 October 2015

The Bad....

and im back this time with "the Bad .. " now don't get me wrong its not bad stuff.. its just a bad bad gurl wearing it ...   look .... Titty's in RED HAIR!!!  its weird isnt it? but it works \o/  for this picture anyways... i mean .. devil gurls have red hair.. fact... or black i guess.... but pink just didnt work .. i tried believe me i did lol . check out the lips, they are new from Soul, thier called Grrr  lol but i like to call them my billy idol sneer lips :P   was perfect for this close up, i think i have something in mai teeth ....   oh yeah ... don't ask about the lobster headband.. i just loved it .. its not exactlly evil but its cute .. i had to wear it, everyone else would wear the devil horns right?   nope.. lobster headband ftw lol

Lips : .:Soul:. Kissers [v.2] - Bobbi - Grr Infinity Feastival  Tanku 

Items For Tag Gacha

Eyes : Clemmm - Cornea Transplant Red -Concave
Nails/Toenails : [CX] Heretic Nails & Talons 
Wings : Stockholm&Lima : Neon Demon Wings
Headband :  Sweet Thing. & darkendStare - Plush Lobster Headband
Choker : B.C.C - Bella Cute bat choker Blood
Garter : B.C.C - Bella Cute bat Garter Blood
Cuts & band aid Tattoo : antielle  - Rough Senpai RARE

Dress : Blueberry - Devil Dress - Pure Evil - Maitreya RARE
Hair : Doe: -  Spoopy

 @ WayWard 

Nose Ring :*katat0nik* - (black) Drippy Septum Ring RARE

Shoes : N-core - GACHA "Eden Bicolor" (N.5)

EyeMakeup : Poison Ivy - Paper Doll Make Up Black
Bloody Lips : NOX - Bloody lips ( kissers applier )

ok then, one more to go, can you handle the suspense?  hopefully il get it done today, or tomorrow coz ive got more stuff to show you, i tell ya i can't keep up!!!  kinky monthly is coming too .. so save some cash for that , theres some fab kinky goodies coming your way .. so come back K? 

I gots to take Sparki to the vets tomorrow so wish her luck for me ... she's not so well :(  if your wondering who Sparki is, check my flikr theres a video of her :P 

Ok im leaving, the last prt of this trio is coming soon so check back later..  <3

See ya soon!!!
Titty image