Monday, 5 October 2015

Pup Pup and away!!!

Soooo Floaty!! i felt like i needed a change from spooky so i went for something close to my hear... Balloons, clouds and PuppyGirls! as a proud Puppygirl irl i was actually over the moon to find this pup play set at Romp, even though its ment for bois.. i made it work \o/  adorables or what!!  loves it <3 I like Romp as an event its pretty decent, lots of good designers with some really nice stuffs and its not on all the time ether so its something to look forward too .. ya know .. like the arcade..  but without the gacha's \o/ made my wallet happy that did haha. i foud the seat at a yard sale ... isnt it cute! bargain to for a rare it must be an old one. but still awesomes!  right lets see....

@ Romp

Puppy play Set : [SWaGGa] - Pup Play Set (Black)
includes, Muzzle, cuffs,collar.tail plug
Harness : Sweet Thing. - Showtime Lingerie - Purity
Arm cuffs :  *MUKA* - Alia Armstrap
Hair : [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Bekhi hair-Summer set
Black Eye : .ARISE. - Eye Bruise
Red Butt : antielle. - Spanks (Cute)
 Pose : . Infiniti . - Little Kitten 7   

Check out mai butt! how cute is that! lol i love this spanked butt set so cute and there are more normal versions too but i had to wear this one! you ca get a good look at the tail here too ... its called pup boy tail thats why im guessing its ment for bois but blah... i loves it! just needed some resizing and thats not hard. oh yeah   it didnt come with ears on he muzzle so i made some! like em? i thought they went real well with the whole look.. ive set em out for sale at my store for 100L they only come in white.. if i sell a few i might do some other colours but they are mod so you could tint em i guess :) 

other bits 

eyes : [ MUDSKIN ] -_CosmoPolitan Gift Eye 
Seat : *A* - CBG BalloonChair Pastel RARE ( retired as the store is no longer in sl ) :(
Moon : {anc}- MoonLightLounge. moon boat  RARE
Cloud trees : +Half-Deer+ - Cloud Tree A - Pink/Colorful
Puppy ears : {T'Ink} - Cute Puppy ears

Right thats it !!!   i know ... i shoulda hidden my tag lol :P

back soon with some Sponsor loving! so come back k? 

See ya soon!!!
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