Friday, 24 June 2016

June Swimsuit edition

Hia Dollies, Warm enough for you? its like sooo warm here today i's melting! its horrible haha  its too warm .. i know us brits are never happy, its too cold or its raining now we have some sun its too warm ..  its lovely really so long as you are outside in a breeze!  i wish i could get out to the beach, me and my puppy would be in heaven but its too far away, kinda sucks, but on the bright side ive been through and done all my laundry and its all dried outside and smell fabulas!!!

Right where was i, swimsuits, its defiantly the weather for them and there are a lot about in Sl right now, summerfeast opened this week with an all beachy theme, lots to be had there, some other events too a special charity one too that i'd like to mention H4HS  check out their webpage for all the details  but basically its in aid of the earthquake victims in japan. A great cause and there are some great items to be found a lot of them 100% donation, awesome! go shop till you drop !!!


Top Left pics 1 & 2 : CandyDoll - Alistaire Swimsuit Pink @ Summerfest
Top right : .tsg. Sexy Bikini - Color Block @ H4HS  50L image
Bottom left : .tsg. Cutiesuit - PinkyGal @ H4HS 50L image
Bottom middle : Nomi - Callie Bikini Flower1 @ Kawaii Project
 Bottom right : darkendStare. - high waist bikini pink striped @ Kawaii Project 

Hair : Truth -  Jayla  Group Gift!! image
Shades : Intrigue Co. - Watermelon Shades @ Summerfest

if you are wondering about my firends in the background, hold on, next post il have all those details for you, one more day!!!!