Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Are you feeling the Pulse?

Hia Dollies, Unless you live under a rock and are wearing a paper bag over your head that blocks out the world, you must have heard about the awful incident in Orlando recently, so many families had thier loved ones ripped away by a ....  well i can't swear that much on mai blog.. but a person who's death made the world better!   but sadly he took too many innocent people with him.

over 100 designers have come together to raise funds for the families effected by this horrific event and are donating their time and talent to a fantastic cause!  i'd like to thankyou for your generosity personally! its a great thing to do, i went nuts shopping over there today and picked out my favorite items to show off and make you go buy them too.   sadly the fabulous tail i picked up didnt really fit with the outfit but il feature it later in the week i hope.  

Most items 100% Donation but no less than 50%

Balloons and poses : BodyLanguage SLC - Cloudy Tuesday Morning AO
Hair : Moon. Hair - Obedear
Top : B.C.C - Bittersweet Top
Shoes : EMPIRE - Foxglove 
Nail polish : DP - Koffin Nails -  Pulse
Macaroon Mouthie : sue cream - sakura macaron 

if you nare feeling flush you can even bid on a person!!  its true!  some very generous folk have put themselves up for auction, ether for a date or a service or something else all the details are over at the event, worth a punt if you hvae the cash, i am pretty sure most of these will be reaching for top dollars and every single linden goes to the gofundme page for the cause... Awesome right?   yes!! yes it is!!!  now go shop till you drop, everyone will find something to buy theres so much stuff!!!  its open now.. so go go go!!!