Sunday, 26 June 2016

A Typical English vacation

ok i's sorry this is a day late but i felt all fuzzeh yesterday and went to lay down an then woke up today!! lol   so its late.. spanks me! ive been bad :P

Hia Dollies!  as ive said already summer is here!! even in england summer is here, so is the rain .. always the rain is here eh?  but i will still haz a beach and sun bathing!  ok so i kicked the sand outa the sand box and made my own beach on the rooftop but it still counts!!!

Bikini : Whippet&Buck - Ailis Bikini
Brolly hat: Intrigue Co. - Umbrella Hat
Shades : Intrigue Co. - Watermelon Shades
Inflatable Pool Buddies :  *katat0nik* - Pool Toys 
Baby Pool : <:*BoOgErS*:>  - Baby Pool
Drink Floatie ; -RC- - Drink Raft - Pink
Octopus sprinkler : <:*BoOgErS*:>  - Octopuss Sprinkler
Icecream lights : +Half-Deer+ - Ice Cream Garland Lights - Flavors
Shark Decor : NOMAD - Shark Wall Decor // Pink

Shoes : Astralia - Aquarium wedges RARE!  @ Kustom9
Toe Rings : Ama. : - Nautical Lovers Toe Rings : Wave @ Liaison Collaborative 
Skirt wrap : Sweet Thing. - Beach Skirt Coverup B (box) RARE @ Kawaii Project
Starefish : Sweet Thing. - Fuchsia Starfish @ Kawaii Project
Deckchair : {what next} - Valencia Deckchair
Batty icecream : darkendStare. - bat snacks Gacha 
Puppies : +Half-Deer+ - Chihuahua Gacha Set
Sandy floor patches : +Half-Deer+ - Sandy Tracks - Pawprints
Shed :  Mistique - Garden Shed
SandPit : .S&S. - Ahoy Playground - Octopus Sandbox
Rooftop Skybox :  A.T.Design - The Rooftop

Tattoo :  *katat0nik* Cherry Panda V3  100% Donation @ H4NS

I don't usually do other peoples tattoo's on my blog coz i like my own :P But i made a special feature of this one coz A. its adorables and B, its a none profit 100% Donation item at H4NS so most definatly worth showing off, i do love it though soooo cute!!!    so what do you think? typical vacation spot for english folk!!   lol  its really not that bad but some days it feels like it haha