Monday, 9 November 2015

just another.. Angelic Monday...

Ever had this awesome picture in your head... bought all the stuff to make it happen ... and then RL hits.. something new comes out, a new event opens and that stuff goes into the " later " folder and ya never get around to doing the picture...?  i do ALL the time lol i had this brilliant Halloween thing planned and now.. its a bit late lol ... totally nothing to do with this post i just wanted to get that off my ample chest hahaha! :P

ok sorreh ... anyways... * coughs * back on track ...  check me out!!!  Angel face!  i love having wings... its my second favorite thing to having a tail !! these are great, a gatcha price from DarkendStare. these pink ones are a common!!  talk about snag! \o/ .  they are over at Gacha Garden .. along with these gorgeous undies, also .. a common!!!   they are goergeous! theres also a matching body suit in the machine, sooo pretteh !   i had to show it off.  not just the gacha gardened opened this week but also the fantasy gacha carni opened up too.. albeit 5 hours late!!  i was here on time ready to beat the rush and..... nothing for ages lol but i still got in without any problems! then spent a ridiculas amount of lindens... one day i will learn!! lol Not!!

Undies Set : ::c.A.:: - Fine Bra & Panties *Pink*
Wings : darkendStare. - Unseelie Wings - Feathered [Pink]
Hair : Doe - Lesli (Solid) - Blondes

Tiara/Nose Ring : :BAMSE: The Moon - Bright Side Tiara and Septum Ring Both Commons
Collar : [Tia] - Aesop Collar - RUSSET
Left hand Jewelry : [Tia] Boudicca Claws - Left - BERRY 

Pipe : [NikotiN] Pipe - Gourd Calabash (black)


Top : FnH - Zip Crop Top Bubblegum

  Shoes : BabyDoll - Laura Heels  

other bits
Skirt : [Cynful] - Bandau  Jeans Skirt
Right Hand Jewelry : Sweet Thing - Song of Swans Elegant Handpiece with HUD Rare

I think i got it all, Lips as always From Soul imma do a widget that comes up alsong side posts with " usual items " in there with my lips skin teeth body and stuff that i wear 90% of the time in it .. when i remember to do it :P

while i was bouncing around do the hocus posus event hunt thingy i slipped 50L into the gacha at sweet thing and got the rare item and its gorgeous!  song of swans, no idea if it was originally for an event or whotknot but its in the main store now, worth a try this hand peice is awesome!  oh and the pipe ... i know your all wondering WTF! Titty Smoking... well .. no ... im not ... its not lit.. i just liked it coz it looks like Sherlock Holmes pipe and using it made me feel extra smart .. serious! it did! oh and Miss Chi made an appearance . ive actually had people ask me where she went lol coz ive left her out of a few post and the dickbutt too .. but fear not he will also be back!! :P im gonna save him for special pictures so you have to hunt him out :P  but Miss chi is back to show off this cool lead i got.. i know its not in anyway new its been out forever but i finally went and got one, now i can have her on a lead .. and she barks and growls at peoples.. its sooo cute!!  you can get one for you puppy @ Project K - Dog Collar Add on    its really adorable! every dog owner should have one, im sure it would work for most any pet not just puppies, anyways .. i loves it! 

thats it im done im 

See ya soon!!!
Titty image