Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Time for a Fall

Ok not me falling but Fall the season.. its here... its getting colder... `and yup.. ive gotta cold!! it sucks!

But on the plus side it gave me an idea for a picture haha!  ok no it didnt the boots did, check em.. they were a gift from Hucci! ain't they fab?  i was well happy with them, thankyou ^_^!   not just the boots are free in this post, the necklace's and chocker also freebies!  from different events, well i guess one isnt exactly free but it is kinda ... il explain in a minute, lets go over whats we have!

Long Necklace : Noodles - Shard Necklace, Silver Hud Gift @ The Peatonville Asylum 
Shorter Necklace : Cae - Bleed Necklace Free Gift @ Fantasy Collective 
Choker : NOX - Xue Choker [Black] Hocus Pocus Prize!
Hair : Truth - Foxy
Dress : BlueBerry - Long Sleeved Dress
Eyes : NINI - DyoDyo Eyes RARE @ Sanarea
Makeup : Izzie's - Tears + Redness i'm not feeling well set )

Puppy : Jian - Puff Pups Bundled Black & White Puff @ Gacha Garden
Poses in top picture : !Bang

ok so lets talk about the Mad pea game, The Peatonville Asylum, its brilliant! took me ages to do so if your bored or at a lose end go check it out! i bought the Gold HUD for 1000L it gives you full acsess to everything in the game, you can hunt for ghost and shards too, and you get to find 2 keys gold and silver, and you can then grab the gold and silver goodies! ... there is also a sliver hud, and a bronze one if you just wanna go have some fun in the spooky place! its really good fun, theres some brillaint gifts though well worth the 1K so if youve got it, grab that and go hunting! heres a link tot he website .. the url up there will take you to the sim .. its open till November 30th so you have loads of time! ...    

there is also a grid wide free game called hocus pocus going on, it finishes Nov 8th so if you aint started.. best start now!   its easy, grab the free hud from the board in most participating stores ( theres one at Nox) and run around SL screaming hocus pocus in some of the best vednor stores on the grid!  if you dont ahe the magic touch you can buy the gift for 50l anyways... BARGAINS! seriously ... check it out.. here

I love a bargain and theres some great ones here, the Blueberry dress comes with a hud with like 5 options per colour... for 199 massive bargain if you ask me !! 

See ya soon!!!
Titty image