Thursday, 26 November 2015

Biology 101

Hia Dollies!   So now lets all quiet down, Student Teacher Titty is about to take the class!  ok so i LOVE uniforms, school ones police one sifi ones i don't care i love em! and i found this the other day over at Creators Collection Box and had to snag it, .. in 2 colours!! lol   its a full outfit in one peice and the medium actually fits meh!  the colour choice is the jacket, you get a hud to change the skirt and jumper and bow tie into a bunch of different patterns and colours its awesome!!  so i had to show it off!!   that and it finally gave me a good reason to wear my kitty back pack that ive had for ages but never really got the right outfit to add it too ... now i do!!!   check it out ^_^

Outfit : ::C'est la vie !:: - Mavis School Look (camel) mesh *20% off at the event*

Glasses : CLOCKHAUS - Vintage Glasses - GOLD  image Free Gift image

The Fantasy Collective are having a birthday and there are tons of freebies and cheapies to be snagged, be careful though, some items are click and get, some are click and pay most need you to be in the group too .. so be careful what your clicking on if you dont have a lotta cash you might just lose 10L   ok so its 10L but if its your last 10L its a bit annoying to lose it to a miss click. :P  theres some awesome stuff though and i totally dont mind paying 10l for a gift i mean its practically free and awesome of the designer to offer up a freebie <3 just wanted to say that going around randomly clicking the pumpkin thingies might end up with you paying for something you didnt mean too .. 

Hair : TRUTH HAIR - Amoret 
Shoes : REIGN.- Kaylee Booties w/Sock - Tan
Back Pack : {BunBun} - Kitty Packs - Orange Tabby

Location : HSF

and thats it, not a massive post today but i had to show off this outfit .. back soon with some naughtiness!  so check back k?  

See ya soon!!!
Titty image