Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Sparkle Parteh!!

Ladies!!! get Ready to get your sparkle on!!  and i mean soo much sparkles and twinklies its like... ..... i dunno every single birthday party popped in the world bursting all at once right in ya face!!! lol

Kira Kira Opens soon and i was blessed with a blogger tag so i could snag some of the goodies early and show em off... soo ... showing some of em off i am!!  as well as my favorite item from the Fantasy Gacha Carni too this dress its ADORABLE!!!   ive got it in most of the colours lol ..

I actually took this picture at the Kira Kira landing spot .. its so pretteh! i added a few things .. but its basically as it .. kinda...  :P

 Kira Kira 
* Comming Soon! * 

Crown : *NAMINOKE* - Star Dust Crown Silver-1
Star Makeup : (ANGELICA) - Little Stars on your face  #2
Hair Rosette : <TMFB> - Rosette Rainbow
Necklace : ASO! - KiraKira Drop (pastel)
Bracelets : *NAMINOKE* - Star bracelet Silver-1
Background Sparkles : *NAMINOKE* - Star Dust "wearble"
Pose : Addme - [addme.] Pose#050 (posepack)  Pose 5

Dress : [Cloud] - Darling Angel dress #5
Shoes : [Cloud] - Darling Angel sandal knee sock, Wings  RARE
Dark Angel : *NAMINOKE* ANGEL #1 - Dark RARE
Chair : Sway's - [Wings] Chair . brown / gold RARE
Wings : =Zenith=  - Guardian Of The Stars Wings (Gold)
Miss Chi's Wings : .::Cubic cherry::. - 16{Aerial} wings silver RARE
Bubble Stars : .::Cubic cherry::. - 13{Aerial}  Rotating stars  white 

Clock : Jian :: - Rustic Clock @ The Liaison Collaborative
Lanterns : {anc} - forest lantern. 1lantern floating (C) 
Star Lamp : +Half-Deer+ - Dream Lantern - Star Standing (Pink)
Tree's : HPMD* - Garden Tree03 - pastel color
Moon *im sat on it * : +Half-Deer+ - Dream Lantern - Moon (Gold)

i'm gonna do a regular picture post with close ups in a day or 2 so dont worry that you cant see everything.. .. you can see most stuff.. i just wanted to makes a pretty! oh and i forgot Mr DB so don't look for him lol or you will there all day! ... 

Kira Kira opens on the 14th so not long to wait, im not allowed to give out the lm yet so imma sit here with my pretteh stuff and say ... Ner Ner !!!  :P

See ya soon!!!
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