Sunday, 6 September 2015

Sunday Morning Cuteness!

Good Morning Pink Princess' Hows your weekend gone?

Mines been busy! the arcade opened for its September round. so i've been running around all kinds of gacha yard sales looking for the bits i want. I simply don't have the L right now to toss it all in machines. theres plenty of folk who can so im happy to snag the ones they don't need \o/ it all helps the economy coz for every one i buy they can go pull again ^_^

Not just Gacha hunting this week but also freebie hunting! the Womens Stuff hunt started a September 1st too and theres a few awesome goodies to grab!

We <3 RP also opened its doors on the 4th some great stuff there too ... soooo many events! its hard work keeping up!

Ive also got a brand new Sponsor!!!  .: Soul :. Makers of Fabulous Lips, Fantasy skins and other fab stuffs has let be part of thier blogging team .. Thankyou

ok so lets get on with this shall me?


Top : Razor - Ello Top  Hunt Gift 
Shorts : Blueberry - Lana - Rolled Shorts 
Shoes : [I<3F] - Kalyra Heels - Pink @ Suicide Dolls   imageThankyouimage
Nails : MANIK QUEEN - Very vintage nails Hunt Gift 
Tattoo's Upper : { T'Ink } - HighJinx 
Tattoo's Lower : *PerveTTe* - Rosary'Desire , Coming soon to Anybody
Hair : Magika [Hair] - Itch
Bindi : MONS - Bindi @ Dressing Room

 So ... as i go on to tell you where some of this other stuff is from can i draw your attention to my mouth?   thats it have a really good look ....   * burps * hahaha  sorry that was gross  * giggles * but check it out, its the latest Mesh mouth from .: Soul :. Anya open Vampire!!!   Grrrr Arrrrg!  i usually wear the anya closed mouth so when this one was announced i was well happy, it comes with lots of skin options with their brand new hud.. also lip sticks .. and ascents... if you look close ( i promise not to to be gross again ) you can see the extra shine ascent on them .. it looks awesome this one also comes with 3 tooth options too ... Kitty ( shown) Vamp and Double fangs!  you can have them any colour you like since you can tint them but also bloody all over or fang tips bloody .. really great to have options!!!  im inlove with the kitty ones they are ADORABLES!!!   and right now 25% off at We <3 RP! so if you like em go get some!!  by the way even though i can't really show em there are also 3 brand new MENS! mesh mouths at the event too so you girls get your fellas over there and grab some super kissable kissers! for him too <3
@ We <3 RP imageThankyouimage
Mouth : .:Soul:. Kissers - Anya - Vampire Open
Piercings : MONS - NoseJems - style3 Rare 
Collar : Sweet Thing. - Puppy's Pink Princess 
Ears : Sweet Thing. - Light Puppy Ears
White Kitty : -Pixicat- - Bastet.Sphynx 
Pillow : .tsg. - Sleepover Pillow Sugar Baby
Kitty Pet : Birdy - Hocus Pocus -  Mr. Bigglesworth / Patch

I have another post coming hopefully later today... maybe tomorrow, i need a nap.. we will see :p with more hunt gifts and other cuteness so hopefully you will be back for that!  oh and for those interested.. pose by Le Poppycock @ Chapter 4  Bargain price too !!!  the whole set is pretty awesome, there will be more in the next post too 
right im going for that nap while my puppies are sleeping too .. i love sundays! <3

See ya soon!!!
Titty image