Friday, 18 September 2015

Cold n Cloudy

Hai Ladies! Hows the week going?

where has the sun gone? seems like it was here for a minute then it poofed into drabness, maybe its just here in england?

Who stole my sunshine!! Give it back !! Gimmi Gimmi Gimmi !

since it got kinda chilly i thought, good time to wrap up and get ready for winter, and as luck would have it, i found some very cute stuff to make wrapped up look Cute!!

not to mention all my new fluffeh friends too they will help keep the chills away <3

so many fluffehs! i gots deers, and Pandas, Chinchillas, Kitties and of course Ms Chi.
and under a cloud i found this tiny little sleeping chipmonk she's just sooo cute!

ok lets see what we got  

Head Bear : Nomi - Lazy Cub-Polar Bear RARE
pink tree lights : [atooly.home] - fairy wall tree / Pearl ( tinted pink )
Little deer : darkendStare. - deerling gacha
Red panda in the tree : +Half-Deer+ - Mini Forest Friend
Jumper Dress : Sweet Thing. - Cozy Mori Sweater
Necklace : Cute Poison - Animated Cloud Necklace Silver
Hair : Doe: Elisa - Candy
Sleeping Chipmonk : [Black Bantam] - Sleeping Baby Chipmunk 

check out these little horns Sooo cute with the co ordinating ears, Lots of events this week as always, Been to as many as my wallet can handle hehehe. the Kawaii Project well known as my super most favorite event of the month is back with new cuteness as you can see i found LOADS of goodies there like always, Kustom 9 also opened with some nice stuff, some annoying gacha cuteness but you gotta try aincha? lol these awesome ring set were a bargain .. love em !! i really wanted a white or pink Chinchilla fluffeh but ran outa money lol so i had to settle but she's super cute anyways <3 my jeans are cool ya think?

Shoulder Chinchilla : Fawny - Soft Chinchilla 
Horns + ears : +Half-Deer+ - Mini Goat Horns and Ears
Rings : Kibitz - Clemencia ring set
Jeans : Addams -  Lixie Ripped Skinny Jean

Mouth peircings : LOULOU&CO - Piercing :: ABRAXAS ::

Lips : .:Soul:.  - Kissers - Anya - Closed   

Boots : REIGN.- Not Your Momma's Knit Boots
( these boots don't seem to be available anymore but there are some very similar ones in the bargain store next door called, " boots with Fur " almost the same just with a furry top .. Sooooo Sorreh i didnt realize till after i did the pictures i just really liked them )

I almost forgot the body mod fair .. i didnt find a lot there dispite it being massivly huge but there is so much stuff im sure you can find some goodies even if i didnt. im far to picky when i have no money i guess its the gachas!!!  im an addict i can;t help myself!!   talking of gachas the balloons!!

Balloons : {anc} MoonLightLounge. Glitter balloon @ the Arcade 
Pose : inside the Chipmonk, legs slightly edited with Animare. 

im Ditsy today ok i think thats everything  theres a lot eh? wait till the next one!!! your gonna ether love it or hate it! bet ya can't wait!! 

See ya soon!!!
Titty image