Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Wanna treat??

Hia Dollies!!   Yeah i's late with this .. was ment to be done over the weekend but ya know.. sunshine!!!  i was out in the garden sucking up the rays <3   but i came back inside coz i felt bad.. i knew you'd be waiting :P

so its that time of the month when the Kawaii Project opens a new round!!  macarons everywhere!!!  so cute. i picked up a few things while i was there, not too much though,   i read on sl secrets a very very poinient post that was going on about events and the event culture thats over taken SL  ive gotta say .. 99% of whats on that site is laughable ( even the post about my tattoo months ago,   i felt so special when i saw that lmao )  but this one actually has a point, when was the last time you went to a main store for a new release???   bet its been a while!   we seem to have fallen into a rut of buying what ever is the latest event exclusive from our favorite stores and more often than not the same stores again and again then a week later a new event opens and that item you bought is old hat and you go buy something else, nothing seems to last anymore, there are some amazing Main store locations out there, some really nicely built well loved spots that no one ever see's anymore coz all we do is event shop!  I'm gonna try not to do that as much!  i mean i love events, i do it is nice to have so much choice in one spot but in the end ... you end up only shopping at those vendors who are allowed into those events, many many many other fantastic creators are excluded from, its a real shame,

( skips down from her soap box and coughs cutely )

Ok so .. treats!! Macarons! and Kinky outfits and posed from romp!! yay! mix in the cuteness of a new puppy and your in for a winning post i think <3

Outfit : [ abrasive ] Darling Peekaboo - Blue
Harness : [ abrasive ] Darling Ruffle Harness Pink
Collar : Sweet Thing. Babygirl Collar 
Pose 1/3/4 : elephante poses - Electraimage Tanku image

Macaron seat : Atomic. Gacha - Fluffy Macarons 
Pasties : .Atomic. Gacha - Fluffy Macarons ( 2 of them made tiny and attached )
Braclets :  ALTAIR - macaron bracelet

Hair : Doe: Loopsie (solid) - Pastels
Dragon : darkendStare. diabolic dragonlings [Pitchfork] RARE
Kitties : MishMish - Kitties go to market - 
Princess Macaroon EXCLUSIVE
 Can't find?
New puppy : JIAN - Countryside Collies - Companion Pup Blue Merle
imageSox : "mignon." - little doll cafe. knee high socks. FREE GIFT! image

Garter : B.C.C. - Crystal sailor girl - Garter
Necklace : B.C.C. Crystal sailor girl - Silver

Shoes : [BREATHE] - Meraki Heels
Lights : floorplan - neon II / cloud
 floorplan. neon skull / pink 
Rug : LISP - Vintage Summer Rugs
Backdrop : RAMA - #selfie_RAMA Cottage Shore
Stool : [MG]Like Macaron Chair2 MIX G-5
Rings : REIGN.- My Little Cupcake Ring- Gold RARE / [CxC] - MacaronRing*Sweet*
Tattoo :  {T'ink}- Poke Me   ( coming soon )

Cuteness right?  hope there was something you liked, note on the macaron pasties, they are actually the macaron seats from the gacha but shrinked down really really small and the the shadows hidden in edit, ... i just liked them so much seemed a shame to go find other pasties Thank goodness they were mod!  <3

I will be releasing the tattoo tomorrow in the main store, i's too tired to do it tonight.