Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Treat yoSelf!

Hai Dollies!!   Hows ya weekend going?  i's so sorreh i missed last week, RL ya know.. appointments and bed days  you know how it is, but here i am this week with something so cuuuuute!!!!

The Gacha garden opened this week and theres like 50 million machines there plenty to keep everybody busy and skint for weeks lol .. i kinda like this one coz if you play 20 times you get the extra special item free, no points to collect or nothing you just play the same machine get lots of cool stuff and the special one if you play enough, its great when theres something you REALLY want but don't get so your ploughing all you cash into the thing but you get this special gift for being a gacha addict!! lol  its thier birthday too so theres a bunch of gifts laying around to get over there before thier gone!!

yikes!!  pc died last night so im yet another day late posting this .. Grrrrr

undies : Milk Tea: My Sweet Francine - Seraphim  SOI
Kitty Ears/Paws : [ abrasive ] ; Starlite Kitten Ears - Pale /  Starlite Kitten Paw Gloves RARE
Arm/Leg Bands : [ abrasive ] ; Ribbon Arm Band SOI /  Ribbon Leg Band - Kitten

Shoes : #EMPIRE - Clover 
Hair : .:EMO-tions:. * MEI * @ Hairology
Collar : Violent Seduction - Aureus Collar
Crown : BellePoses - Hyuna Crown (inside the pose pack, there is also a blue one set as a freebie!) @ Manga Fair
 Tattoo : {T'Ink} Calories!  @ Anybody 
Nails : [CX] Broken Claws (Light) 
Nose Ring : LOTUS - Treasure Septum - Silver
Poses ; SLC SS Pose - NEKOMOE#
Light : [atooly.home] # neons .treat yoself.

finally! done 2 days late don't you just flipping love RL!!! gets in the way of everything !!!

oh yeah the crown i's wearing is part of the pose pack listed but if you don't mind a blue one then go over and grab the free gift inside the store booth, its a blue version and its adorable!!  <3

Anybody has had a huge make over too all new building and set up and it looks awesome!! go check it out