Friday, 8 July 2016

Bed time Bunneh!

Hia Dollies!!!     Top of the morning to ya!!!   ok its actually exactly 12 pm so its basically afternoon but i dunno... i was just like.. so happy to be here for some reason and i turned Irish haha .. i slept REALLY well can ya tell?  Happy bunni!  talking of Bunnies!!!   check me out, so cute! right?  ive been scowering the events this week looking for things to show off and yesterday i got this shirt/undies combo from 1hundred and it totally finished the look i was going for!!!   its perfect!  there is quit a few events in this post, no wonder poor titty passed out in the end, poor thing so tired but oh soo cute!!!


Closed Shirt : LAZYBONES - Peakaboo Shirt 

Eyeshadow : Le Forme - Melty Eyeshadows Catwa Applier

Gacha Guardians  (store event)

Hair : Doe: Leah V2 - Pastels

Bed & Rain Doco : [Toiz] - Raindrop Gacha Set
image Bindi : lock&tuft - bindi indtp gift image

Bunni ears/ bow : *{( konpeitou )}* humiduki-usagi 1 RARE: 

Open Shirt and Undies : 1 Hundred. - Girlfriend Shirt & Panties

Pose 1/2 : *Eternal Dream* - Exquisite pose packs

Gummy bear and poses 3/4 : Tanoshi's - Bearbear Gummi & Poses
Necklace : Tanoshi's Studded Necklace - Pinku
Drool : .ARISE. - Lip Drool
Freckles : DeeTaleZ *Appliers* CATWA Head "Freckles" NOSE/CHEEKS
Lipstick : DeeTaleZ *Appliers* Catwa Heads "Lipstick transparent gloss"
imageNails : Tsg - Bunny nails, vip gift image

Now you can see wai Titty got so tuckered out, all that running around lol but oh so worth it im sure you will agree!   btw.. the humiduki-usagi Gacha hates me!! if anyone reading this has the bandages from that gacha going begging please please please can i haz?   ive spent 2k trying to get em but not once have they come up * cries * and now i haz 0 cash ... i's not kidding ... im broke lol so please if anyone haz i will be ya bestest ever friend if i could haz them!!