Monday, 30 March 2015

Rain... its wet.. i dun likes it!

This weekend sucked, it rained almost the whole time, i dun like rain, it makes you cold and ruins your hair

I'm particularly fed up coz i got the cutest outfit and i wanted to go out in it, but i didnt wanna get it all durty ... mud, its hard to get outa pink dresses ya know! 

so i watched and waited for it to stop, it did at one point look like it was going to quit, so i went to go check.. luckily enough i got this super cute brolly and what would you know .. it matched my outfit .. Bonus!  ok so lets go try it out.. 

Head Band : .Atomic. - Beary Cute Headband @ ! 創 - sᴏᴜ -  
Necklace : +Half-Deer+ - Little Charm Necklace @ N21
Collar : [PL] Babydoll Collar @ 50 Shades of Lust
Panda buddy :  ::MA::  - Gacha 4 - Shoulder Panda Happy
Plank Decor : :CP: Phoebe's Plank WallArt @ Shiny Shabby
ChiChi's Bed : FGMN - Crate Bed

well the good news is my brolly works \o/ the bad news, its still raining, but too much though i might go out after all, its bound to stop soon right? 

Dress : R.S. Katia Dress [pink] @ SL Fashion Week  just 65L !!!!
Socks : .Atomic. - Beary Cute Socks @  ! 創 - sᴏᴜ -  
Shelf Decor : Apple Fall - Potting Shelf - Old Gatcha
House : dust bunny - lily cottage - old Gatcha Prize Rare! 

EWWWW  Puddle!  omg omg omg my new shoes!!! 
i bet their ruined * cries *
See i tolds you I HATE RAIN!"!
* runs inside *

Umbrella :  ::MA:: - Gacha 6 - Panda Unbrella 
Grass : MG - Pandoria Magic Grass - Dewdrop
weather system : Best Weather System

Thats it im not going out till the sun comes out * stamps feet *
my dress is soaked, the brolly made a puddle on the floor, Miss Chi stinks of wet dog... Gross! 
rain.. good for flowers, good for ducks, bad for me! 
ive gotta get outa this wet dress before i catch the snuffles.. 

The usual suspects :
Shape : Mine
Tattoo : Mine
Eyes : Buzz
Skin : Essences
  Peircings : [NI.JU] 
Feet : Slink
Hands : Slink
Mesh Body : Maitreya

much better, inside in the warm .. no soggy dress and my shoes are fine \o/ its lucky coz id have been sulking for ages if they wasnt thier limited edition ya know...  like my undies, they are super cozy and they hold in all your sins * giggles * ok imma daydream of sunshine and see if i can make it come out.. warm sunny days.. butterflies and buzzing bee's.. honey suckle and roses... lovely...

Undies : .Atomic.  {Intimates} - Kiss Me Goodnight @  N21
Hair : Magika - [Hair] Listen

Loves ya   Titty <3