Monday, 9 March 2015

Snooze With Toonz

busy busy week, im pooped!

I actually got 3 sponsors this week! well 3 stores and an event \o/  thankyou so much!
ive got some more Gacha goodies for you in this post and a sexy lil number from one of my sponsors .. i love saying that! 

not just the Arcade this time, ive also been over to chapter 4! told ya id been busy, soo many machines so little time! and Anybody opened this week too so i just has to bounce over there to see what goodies i could show off to you girls! I grabbed a new belly chain from muka and a leg tattoo from PerveTTe, i don't usually do tattoo's since im very attached to mine, but since mine are at the minute lacking lag ink i thought id show this one off since i really liked it :)

I added the slippers again, just coz they were in the floor last time they needed to be shown on mah feets.. kinda haha, i also have an extra necklace too more goodies from sweet things \o/ 
the adorable bunny ear headphones, backpack and hella cute bunni chibi are all from the gamer 2 set by foxes and birdy over at chapter 4

a special mention goes out to BabyDoll for the body suit, an exclusive in their store at the Whore Couture Fair \o/ thankies

Body Suit : BabyDoll - Lace BodySuit pink  @   Whore Couture Fair  
The Arcade
Slippers :  Boom  Animal Slipper (narwhal) Rare
NeckLace :  Sweet Thing - Sleepychi Digital Pet Neck (Candy)

@ Chapter 4
HeadPhones : Foxes - Bunneh Head Set - Pink
Neck Lace : Sweet Thing. Sleepychi Digital Pet Neck (Candy)

Hair : TRUTH HAIR - Ramsey  New

The usual suspects :
Shape : Mine
Tattoo : Mine
Eyes : Poetic Colors
Skin : Essences
  Peircings : Hebenon Vial
Feet : Slink
Hands : Slink
Mesh Body : Maitreya


Bed :  [Commoner] - The Murphy Collection / Murphy Bed Rare
Bucket :  MadPea - Spotless Floors
Plant : tarte. - potted plant
Rug :  tarte. kicked rug

@ Chapter 4
Lil Bunneh : Birdy - Bunneh - Chibi - Pink
BackPack : Foxes - Bunneh Book Bag  Rare
Chair : Apple Fall & An Lar - Toile Chair (Cream)
Item here : *ionic* -  MyDesk

yes you noticed .. Apple Fall has been at it again, making adorableness .. i ran outa pennies before i got the rare lol i tried not to sulk.. too much! such great stuff \o/ 

got something else comming up later this week so keep an eye open! 

Have a great week ladies 
Luv's ya * hugs *