Thursday, 19 March 2015

What a week!!

You May or maynot have noticed ive been a bit queit..  ive had one hell of a week ... dog got sick, kid got sick. i got sick .. its been a totally icky week but im all good now so no worries :P i know you were worried about meh.... 

Ok so pictures and deets thats what your ere for not my sob stories .. 
as ya know ive been looking for some sponsors ive been accepted into the candy events group \o/ thankyou! 

to be fair though im staying up late to get this post done coz the blogger rules say you gotta post before the event starts.. and it starts in like 12 hours or summat ... yup ... PANIK! 

luckily enough there are so many cute but naughty things in the 50 Shades of Lust event that it wasnt to hard to put this cuteness together! 
make sure you click the picture to get the best view, you will see that cute collar says princess on it \o/ i may never take it off :P

Im going to start doing the " look of the day " kinda posts for sponsor stuffs that way i can get the amount of post needed done fast enough .. my more complex pictures take me days to put together .. this is much faster ... but don't worry il have at least one mega post a week with a fabulously complicated picture for you to play hunt the dickbutt on haha.

So lets get on with TC   ( todays cuteness... i dun wanna do lotd ) 

50 shades of lust is a pretty big event theres tonnes of stores to check out, gachas too all in a nicely set out locations no getting lost you can just walk around its perfect! coz i get lost easy lol

@ 50 shades of lust Opens March 20th

Baby Doll  : !Q.B! - Innocent Lust~FairyFloss Flowers  
Stockings :  !Q.B! - Innocent Lust~FairyFloss Flowers
Collar :  .random.Matter. - Kitten Collar
Necklace :  POMPOSITY - Long Handcuff Necklace
Cuffs :  nani - cutesy cuff set  ( yes i went and bought the pink ones :P ) 

Centre : .snaphappy. - Anastasia 2
Right : AE - My back 7
Left :  .snaphappy.  - Anastasia 6 

Nice stuff right? more to come over the next few days ive got lots to try and put together into oufits your gonna see some black.. be warned ^_^

so not only have i been to 50 shades, ive also bounced over to a few others, 

Gloves : Sweet Thing. Derby Girl Gloves
Eyes : [Buzz] Aura Eyes - Nebula
Birdies : ~silentsparrow~ kitschy - Birdy - Wall Decor 

Hair : [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Sunny hair

Eyebrows : Just Magnetized - Natural Brows

I forgot where i got these ... i went everywhere looking but they are in the main store so yay! 
Shoes :  [hh] - Cara Platforms

The usual suspects :
Shape : Mine
Tattoo : Mine
Skin : Essences
Feet : Slink
Hands : Slink
Mesh Body : Maitreya

if its not listed ive blogged it already :P

so there we have it post one from the 50 shades of lust event \o/ before it opened too woohoo ! Phew! 
more to come probably tomorrow ive got so much to show you! 

Titty <3