Monday, 2 March 2015


Hey there ^_^
anyone watch Game of thrones? 

as usual i was bouncing around events looking for an outfit when i came across this dress, i actually spotted it on flickr first someone did a picture with it and i was like.. WANT!   i hope it comes in pink lol 
as you can guess it don't but its cool i made it work, i was grabbing this from the fantasy collective and spotted the top nearby too perfect i thought .. i hope it fits! 
a fair bit of editing later, some texture transparency and Tada! fabulous dress with a fabulous top!

Hair : Wasabi Pills/ Abby Mesh Hair 
NeckLace :  Foxes - Tarot - NecklaceLink here
head/neck jewelry  :  Izzie's - Coin Jewelry @  Link here

Dress :  .::Dead Dollz::. Octavia  
silver top + bracers :  ::Axix:: Naevia Set 

Rings ieQED jessi.rings @ Shiny Shabby

Face Tattoo and Freckles : .ARISE @ Cosmetics fair
EyeMakeup : elymode: makeup Love is Love Freebie!

The usual suspects :
Shape : Mine
Tattoo : Mine
Eyes : Poetic Colors
Skin : Essences
  Peircings : [NI.JU]
Feet : Slink
Hands : Slink
Mesh Body : Maitreya
Ears : Mandala

as i kept on rumaging around i finally got into uber.. it took a fair few tries  and a good 5 crashes! but i got the necklace, the headdress and matching necklace from there
then i was thinking of how to do my picture, my daughter came over and said " wow she looks like that girl off that show "  i knew what she ment .. game of thrones .. so i went looking for a few extras, back to the cosmetices fair, snagged the eye makeup for 1L and the head tattoo and freckle there too, i had to get freckles because i was told to lol 

Props :
Dragons : [Manticore] Sleepy & Grouchy 

after that i went looking for somewhere to take a picture, usually id just do a set up at home but i wanted to check out the game of thrones RP sims and i came across this one Dynasty of Dragons i wandered around and was greeted by a Lovely sexual harrasment panda bear man .. thats what he said they called him, made me chuckle, was a very nice welcome too he gave me permission to snap there so i took him up on it, you can see the result ^_^ the sim its self is gorgeous its nicely built well detailed and seems populated well. if i had time id RP there. :) 

oh i almost forgot! Dragons! had to be done these are awesome too from Manticore 

so there ya have it, Khalieesi done Princess Style! 

since i couldnt rez in the sim theres no Dickbutt to find, i ran outa attachment points, but he will be back next post :P

Next up .. Whore Couture event and the Arcade! \o/