Friday, 27 February 2015

Shiny, Shabby, Boho .. Yay!

so many events so little time! 

well then, hello Ladies ^_^
you might notice the lack of pink in this post, i figured i'd spread my audience and go for super cute normal colours for a post or 2 .. or 3  maybe 4 but imma be all pinked up again as soon as i find enough to make an outfit .... Designers.. MAKE MORE BABY PINK STUFF!!! haha

right.. so Uber opened a couple of days ago, all hipi and boho and flouncy stuff theres some gorgeous gear to snag, these curtains are amazing! imma use them again so i hope you like them too  they have little lights in them their awesome! the bench too has some great poses, some different ones from what ive been seeing lately too, the pose in the picture is half an example.. i edited it a bit with animare to show off my outfit better but there are lots of nice ones to choose from and snuggle ones too .. the pillows are already attached its lovely

the shirt from the shiny shabby event was a great find,  matched the boots and the hat see ... i look like a bit of a country bumkin eh?  i was working off the jeans though for this outfit they actually came out a while ago, but i couldnt find the right stuff to wear with em till now \o/  these are mesh from cynful, a new addon for mesh bodies, they actually fit my body pretty well, though i still hadda use the alphas for some bits then the  Maitreya ones are a test, they did fit perfectly around my waist first pants ever to do that so thumbs up for that!
The only thing i didnt like was the fact you get these blank for 300L then you have to go buy the jeans to put on them another 370L to buy the jeans to get the hud to colour the addon ... and if you want another colour belt another 180L ontop of that ... all in all making one VERY expensive pair of jeans ..  id have liked to have seen the jeans hud available separately for like 100L or something scripted to work just with the body mesh addon .. would have been fair fairer since youd have to have the addon for 300L for the jeans hud to work but what ever.. they do look great il just never buy another colour :P 

Hat .random.Matter. - Rhonwen Hat - White @ Uber

Make up : [theSkinnery] Creyon Makeup Free Gift!
Hair :  [Entwined] Katerina  
Shirt : {Reverie}  Honey Pie - Tied-Up Shirt
Boots : JD : Neva Sand 

neck band and makeup closeup :)

Neck Band :  Kibitz  Stretch choker @  Creepy Kawaii Fair
Jeans :  [Cynful] : Skinny Jeans Washed Blue + Skinny jeans addon for mesh bodies

The usual suspects :
Shape : Mine
Tattoo : Mine
Eyes : Poetic Colors
Skin : Essences
Feet : Slink
Hands : Slink
Mesh Body : Maitreya

Props :

Ball :  {Reverie} : Honey Pie Bamboo and Wooden Roses Decor [RARE] Gacha 

Table :  {Reverie} Aged Table and Streetlight Lantern 
@ Uber
Curtains :  Cheeky Pea Delilah Blossom Sheer Curtain
Bench : Junk -  boho spring bench.  

if theres anything not listed ive already blogged it so look back and find them ya self :P 

next post will be comming soon so stay tuned .. il see ya soon :)