Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Day Dreamin

Well It's me again bringing the cuteness back into your life.. whether you like it or not muhahah 
il admit though its taken me a while to get this finished and now one of the events is closed.. my bad .
i did check Muka and the bows are in the store Blah how ever as of writing this hasn't put the undies
up in the store yet, fingers crossed they will because they are lush and if you didnt manage to grab a set you are totally missing out :P 

I also went to Fameshed and snagged this adorable Initial bracelet.... that i enlarged into a turian style collar looks fab don't you think? 
and OMG! the cosmetics fair opened a couple of days ago i spent an hour getting in to grab these nails, TSG have done amazing things with these they are gorgeous! Did ya also notice the shoes! TSG again, i think 80% of my money goes into that store  but look at them they are adorable and look great with my favorite princess socks too

so many things from so many places this week the whore mansion came up with this mesh stole and its loverly great colour and its perfect for wearing around your shoulders on chilly nights when you just have to go out in your undies, you know like we all do all the time right? 
couple that with my most favorite buy of the week .. well ok one of many my bear ears and tail.. that im sat on , sorry soo cute over at chapter4, oh what theres one more thing, epic has a smashing freebie out for the jack n jill hunt this cute yet simple necklace its great and will defiantly make it into my regular outfit folder i love it! 

are you looking at the little dude sitting on a rainbow?  il tell you about him in a minute :P

Necklace : Epic - Drop Dead Candy Heart Necklace!  Hunt Gift  
Collar/Braclet : Noodles - Initial Bracelet Rose Gold @  Fameshed
Hair : Magika - Lemon  
 Cuffs and Garters :  Muka - Burlesque Bow Set 
Nails :  TSG - Coffin Nails - Sakura @  Cosmetics Fair  
Clothes :  Blah - (Mademoiselle Shibari Lingerie) Pink
Tail/Ears :  +Half-Deer+  - Bear Tail/Ears (Blush) @  chapter 4
Shoes/Socks : TSG - Corset Trekkers Pink / Princess socks 
Fur Stole : *T.Whore* - Sexy Fur Stole Petal

The usual suspects :
Shape : Mine
Tattoo : Mine
Eyes : Poetic Colors
Skin : Essences
  Peircings : Hebenon Vial
Feet : Slink
Hands : Slink
Mesh Body : Maitreya

Props :
House : Trompe Loeil - Amelia Cabin   @  COLLABOR88
Chair :  Trompe Loeil - Amelia Loveseat COLLABOR88
Cloud : +Half-Deer+ Winter Whimsy - Cloud of Eternal Sparkle (found at a gacha yard sale)

Ok now .. lets talk about my little friend... 
He is called a Dickbutt and he's a freebie from Runway hair .. totally random, but i saw a flicker picture by Katat0nik if the the store with the same name <3  and Had Had Had to get me one, imma hide him in every picture from this day forward lol loves him, theres a few version for different parts of your body, a boobie one one on your head and shoulder too as well as this one sitting on a rainbow cloud looking adorable. 

theres more to come, ive been busy this week, so look out for another post in a day or 2 \o/
we can play a real game of "wheres DickButt " too  :)