Get the 50L Friday look...

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Dollies, this is just a quickie for flf as this week ive managed to make a whole outfit outa the offers!!!  and its adorable.. even a fair amount of pinkness too!!   grab these today or forever miss out!!!

Pose's @ Double Take
Hair @ Elikatira
Top and Pants @ Tetra
Shoes and Shades @ Glamistry

Each item was of course  but there is an option to pay 99L for the shoes to get a bunch more colours which i did to get the pink bits :)

Titty Sprinkles


Hai ^-^ I's Titty! Cute, funneh and adorably reagaly Pink! i love to blog stuff, the whole thing, building the backdrops hunting down props, poses and pissing about with lighting, i love to shop! like all girls i think, of course i love to show off too so this is meh showing off \o/ i hope you enjoy me as mush as i do * giggles * oh and my spelling is terrable forgives meh? :)