Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Dead Cute!

Hia Dollies!!!   every have a few days when you have this feeling in the back of your mind that you were doing something and you've forgotten what on earth it was?   thats been me since sunday.... brain dead i swear, i had this picture done on sunday was gonna post it up and totally forgot!  I's sorreh!!!  but here it is!   i went for a bit of a wander this week to find a pose store i had bought some poses from at the pose fair ... i found it and i also found dead fred there too... so i thought id take a picture <3

Hair : pr!tty - Poppy @ Chapter 4 till Aug 1st tumblr_inline_ml6y22siBU1qz4rgp
tumblr_inline_n24e9voyVR1qfc9y0 Choker : *Epic* - Angel.Heart Chibi.Choker! tumblr_inline_n24e9voyVR1qfc9y0

Tattoo : {T'Ink} Skully Bouquet @ Anybody ends 15th
Bikini : {le fil casse} - Alessandra Swim @ Fameshed
Sleeves : Moon Elixir - Celestial Queen set @ Crystal Heart  tumblr_inline_ml6y22siBU1qz4rgp
Belt : Moon Elixir - Celestial Queen set @ Crystal Heart  tumblr_inline_ml6y22siBU1qz4rgp

Kini Bottoms : {le fil casse} - Alessandra Swim @ Fameshed
Boots : Moon Elixir - Celestial Queen set @ Crystal Heart  tumblr_inline_ml6y22siBU1qz4rgp

Props n Poses
tumblr_inline_n24e9voyVR1qfc9y0 Bears : darkendStare & Quirky - Bearly Alive Gacha @ Gacha guardians tumblr_inline_ml6y22siBU1qz4rgp tumblr_inline_n24e9voyVR1qfc9y0
Tree : Tesla - Spooky Tree
graveyard : [Since1975] - Graveyard Globe @ Gacha guardians
Dead Fred + Poses : Artis - Me and my Jack pose prop

yay i got it done!!!  i wanted to show off fred.. he was a bargain too check him out, also don't forget to pop down the the gacha guardians and have a pull or 2 on that bear gacha they are soooo cute!!!