Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Pixie's Playtime!

Hia Dollies!  a mid week post!!!!  i know.. WTF!  haha i'm at a loose end so i thought i'd make something pretty.  i have to say, i am LOVING my new head, its sooo cute!  so pleased with it, well worth the money and the time it took to get Titties face right <3  and i finally got into the crystal heart festival. only took 3 days of trying.. well ok 2 half assed days of trying and one "get me in" hud sim bashing while afk to get in lol. worth it though theres some cute stuff and i'm very pleased to say some new eyes from Buzzeri! i LOVE LOVE LOVE thier eyes and its great to see some new ones <3

Hair : Tableau Vivant - Mallongaj hair - Funky @ Hair Fair ends 16th
Eyes : [Buzz] Shift Eyes - Pure @ The Crystal Heart Festival ends 31st
Ears : Trap/NI.JU - Vamp Ears Pierced @ CHF
Freckles/Blush : :: MOMOCHUU :: Heart Freckles & Blush Set @ CHF
Collar : :::NOIR::: Alex Choker - White @ Kinky Monthly ends 19th
Lips Gloss : :: MOMOCHUU :: Black Lady LIPS FREE GIFT tumblr_inline_mljkvtHz9b1qz4rgp @ CHF
EyeBrows : [okkbye] - bucolic eyebrows @ CHF

Dress : Addams - Noel Costume Dress @ CHF
Rings : Astralia - Magical rings @ CHF
Nails : :Moon Amore: Senshi Nails @ CHF
Tattoo : {T'Ink} Skully Bouquet @ Anybody ends 15th

Boots : Addams - Noel Costume Boots @ CHF

Props & Poses
Backdrop : CMYK// 3. pastel magical studio @ CHF
Poses : FOXCITY. The Tube Set
Bunny Buddy : +Half-Deer+ Moon Bunny - Angelic tumblr_inline_ml6y22siBU1qz4rgp @ CHF

well i think we can all see where all my money went this week lol ... i told you theres lots of great stuff at the CHF don't forget to bounce over to the hair fair too, always good to support a good cause, since the hair fair has been going for years its one charity event i trust.  i bought a few hairs while i was there, wierd not seeing truth and doe there though. 2 of my favorite hair designers but i found some others anyways so it was all good.