Friday, 19 August 2016

Imma Catchem all ... or just this one?

Hia Dollies?!!!   so who hasn't got pokemon go?  wait what am i saying it means you gotta go outside!!! i bet lots of you dun have it coz you is so stuck in sl! i know that feeling well lol  but nowerdayz i's outside a fair bit hunting down pokemon while my dog runs around like a plonker! always muliti task ladies! if you's gonna be outside make the most of it i say! ..  anyhows..
The manga fair opened and its full of cuteness!!  wai wasn't i allowed to blog for this one? i dunno lol but ah well! i shopped anyways!  spend a small fortune in the cosplay gacha without getting the pika ball costume!!!!  i was GUTTED!!!!  i nrealy cried i wanted it so bad...  but a few dayz later.. while shopping at blueberry with mai favorite MR! he says " close your eyes and count to ten "  so i do ... expecting him to tp off and leave me all alone ... but .. i open my eyes and ......  He only got me the pikaball costume!!!!!   i nearly broke into tears i was so happy .. sooo silleh i is but it was the sweetest thing anyones done for me in FOREVA!!!!   Mr Meeks Tanku for making my year!!  he really is the bestest MR in SL and mai bestest Man-friend out there! even if he does creep me out with pervy bumpers i still lubs him muchly <3

Costume : Sweet Thing. - Disastrous Handmade Cosplay - PikaBall RARE
Sox : AsteroidBox. - Thigh High Sockies
 Choker : BabyDoll. - Moon Choker 

Hair : Doe - April (Solid) 

HeadSet : Sweet Thing -Power Scouter Toy - Cutie

Eyelashes : [Buzz] - The Flutter Lash {Catwa Applier HUD}
Freckles : [Buzz] - The Subtle Freckles {Catwa Applier HUD}

image Teeth/Tongue : DeeTaleZ *Appliers* CATWA Head TEETH "Rainbow Kiss" image

Pika Ears : .Imouto. - Idol Pika Ears - Pink
Sneakers : *CK* - Like a princess sneakers
Wristbands : *MUKA*-  Claire
Poses : I made em! 
Grass's : Garden by anc slight wildgrass & Garden by anc Dotty wildgrass 

Poke Balls 

image [FREEBIE] Pokémon Egg image

Pikachu Pet

image = Freebie! TY Ty TY!!!!
 = Sponsor Item Ty Ty Ty! <3

Back drop :

So much stuff again, i do like to pack it in there haha anything missed you can find it on the post before this coz i already used it ..  so much fun i had with mai cosplay outfit! i's been bouncing around everywhere in it with a pika walker making walking sounds, soo annoying i bet haha

Thats it im done! back soon, i think imma do some alice stuff next... we will see!!! coz i might change mai mind, i's good at that! <3