Monday, 15 February 2016

Dragon Lady!

Hia Dollies!!   its my favorite month of the year !!!  February! becasue its a month full of love and smooshy stuffs and coz its my birthday month \o/  Feb 25 is mai birthday! not long to go, valentines day has just passed so im a little late with this cute post but never mind, it wouldn't be on the right blog if it was on time right? :P

so ive heard about c88 doing a blogger search ... think id get in? dought it but i might give it a go, just drop this picture in and see what happens .. i won't hold out much hope though, everyone has gona ll out on thier pictures and yeah they are awesome works of art some of them but blog pictures shouldnt be about awesome works of art .. more awesome works of clothing! show off what your wearing rather than your photoshop skills i say .. but meh  different people like different things i guess, il just post this and see  can't do no more ^_^  well i could do an artsy fartsy picture i could.. but .. i won't since most of my posts are simple clothing show off pictures i think it wouldnt represent me as a blogger . oooh that was deep lol  imma shush now!   ok so ... events .. so many as always, the gacha Garden!!!   woohoo love that one and i went nuts as always! all the dragon bits are from there, by my brand new sponsor Darkendstare!  fantastic or what!!!  i's like so happy i could poop a cupcake! 

enchantment opened too unicorns this round .. il do something horsey later .. :P  C88 of course  got my hair from there, anybody! body suit from there.. its super sexy too don;t ya think?  what else, kinky monthly is still going on, and erm ... omg whats it called ...  we <3 Rp opens too ... got some ears from there!  so much stuff omg!!!  il get to telling you exactly what and were  its gonna take a while so grab a hot chocolate anna cupcake and settle down :P 

 Dragon Tail, Horns, Wings : darkendStare. - Celestial Dragon Horns/Tail/Wings [Sweetheart] 

Ears : .:Soul:. - Uni Ears - Cherub

Eyes : .:Soul:. - Oculos - DustyOrchid

Body Suit : FnH - Rose Lace Bodysuit Bubblegum

Hair : Clawtooth  - Swept Aside - Unicorn Pack

Shoes : :::ChicChica:::  - Kika Pink
Ankle bracelet : :::ChicChica:::  - Kika Pink Ankle chain

Tattoo : {T'Ink} Spirit  ( coming soon )
Collar : #Foxy - Man Tamer Choker Valentine's Edition - Pink
light : floorplan. let's kiss wire
Teeth/Lips : .:Soul:. Kissers - Doll - Orc

Poses by oOo StudioLabel Motion and Le Poppycock

Did you notice the teeth?  how cool are those!  Soul Kissers, Doll Orc  lips  awesome! something really different from the norm i love them !! been trying to work them inot a picture for ages  did it today !!  i think they worked great withthe ears and the over all dragon lady look <3 Tanku 

fingers crossed il be back in a day or 2 with another post but im ment to be going away for my birthday so i make no promices! if i can get on to do it i will theres so much cuteness to show you, the kawaii project opened today .. soo many things lol  hope you found something awesome here  good luck, stay cute <3 

See ya soon!!!
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