Thursday, 17 March 2016

Since Ive been gone ...

Ok so who missed me?   ive been gone for ages!  feels like forever to be fair but its not really that long a few weeks, ive had a birthday irl and some other stuffs to deal with so i aint really been around an awful lot,  Hope you's didnt miss me too much though!

So i missed so much while i was gone, so many events! been and gone .. it sucks coz i got some good stuffs too ... maybe il show you anyways eh?  we will see... so .. this picture... Cute no?  i think so ... i loves this outfit!  most stuffs from the arcade. Is it just me or does that fair seem a bit less popular than before? i got in second day... first tp!! thats unheard off it usually takes me a week lol none the less i picked up some nice stuffs, and the stuff i couldn't get i yard sale hunted for and i found most of what i wanted \o/

The main thing i wanted was my new bubbeh!! My Poopicorn! or poopanion as its actually calls!!  I love Cute Poopies!!! lol

Outfit : .tsg. Delinquent Uniform - Pink [Maitreya Exp Fit]
Poopicorn buddeh : +Half-Deer+ Unicorn Story - Shimmering Poopanion RARE
Hair/Hat : [Atomic] Gacha // Harajuku Me // Bear - Dreamy
EyePatch : MoonAmore+CURELESS / Antoinette's Closet / Eyepatch ROSE
Collar : MoonAmore+CURELESS / Antoinette's Closet (Rose Choker)
Kitty Buddeh : Sweet Thing. Cuddle Kitties - Sugar (Hold R)
Gazzebo : {what next} - Spring Garden Arbor

Chalk board : [Claimed] - Naughty Vintage Board

Bunny : +Half-Deer+ Secret Garden Bunny - Sakura - Lay Down
Grass : MishMish  - Spring Grass 
Sox : [Atomic] Apparel // Spring Frill Socks

Tattoo :  {T'Ink} Peachy 

Shoes : HornTail - Hayato Sneakers Tip-Toe [Manifold]

Poses by !Bang

ive got to mention these fabulas sneakers!!  they are sooo cute .. id never seen em before so i dunno how long the store has been there but i noticed someone wearing a pair while i was bouncing around Uber ... i inspected them and went hunting! how cool are they, whats more they actually get dirty over time!  so cool, oh and these particular ones are in a gacha for 50L a pull !   50L for these sneakers, awesome!  theres loads of designs and even the gacha is cool, it randomly picks what design you when when you wear them, not when you pull them so theres twice the excitement lol ... Love em!!!  

See ya soon!!!
Titty image