Sunday, 27 December 2015

Baby its cold outside

Hai Dollies! Hows your Holidays going? isnt its lovely now xmas is over \o/ all that fuss for one day, makes me chuckle, i had a Massive 14 inch pizza for my xmas dinna, it was yum!  anyways, i waffle on and you wants to know about my outfit, well you best be fast to gets it

The last day of Christmas of 34th street is today! lots of great exclusive stuff and freebies to be had, if you havnt been there yet get there today!

Also this hair from wasabi pills, is a 50L Friday special, its awesomes and still out when i posted this so hopefully you will have a chance to grabs it too.

Snow... isnt it pretty! we have no had any any here yet but it will come .. in February lol

ok lets check out my stuff shall we ..

Sweater : {Lyrical} - My Ugly Sweater (White)
Pose Prop : oOo Studio - Lamp post

Boots : REIGN.- Laced Moon Boots /Naturals RARE
Leggings : Blueberry - Denise - Leggings Full Length 

Hair : Wasabi Pills - Reese V2 Mesh Hair  FLF Special
Gloves : *katat0nik* -  Bear Gloves
Bindi : MONS - Giftmas Day 19 (bindi) FreeGift image
Glasses : Yasum*MESH*Fashion Shades*Female  ( Cosmopolitan Gift ) image

there ya have it, wrap up warm and stay inside is my advice, this cold weather makes your nose numb :P 

See ya soon, i still have a naughty undies post to do but imma makes you wait a little bit more :P 

See ya soon!!!
Titty image