Monday, 21 December 2015

The kats meow!

Hia Dollies!  Having a good week? got all your gifts bought and wrapped up? no? ha me ether... lol

Well then, N21 opens for a new round today and theres some cute Gacha's inside! when i say cute i mean .. SO CUTE!!!   Check me out!  These kitty ears and mittens are to die for!! omg!  the headband is a rare theres also an adorable collar but i didnt manage to snag me one of those :(  i ran outa cash lol but i did get matching mittens!  yay!  so cute!  theres also some pudgy penguins to snuggle with too, so adorable and so pudgy!

@ N21

Headband Kitty Ears : { V I N C U E } - Kittie+HeadBand [Gold] - RARE
Kittens Mittens : ~{ V I N C U E } - Kittie+Gloves//SlinkSplayed//[Common]
Pudgy buddy : Sweet Thing. & darkendStare  - Pudgy Penguin Lights RARE

Not just N21 but the Kawaii Project opened for another round too \o/ my favorite event of the month as most folk already know ...  theres usually something awesome there and i found some bits! 

Poses : the pose shop - koneko pose set
Nails : :Moon Amore - Sweet Nails / Strawberry
Booties : darkendStare - monster boots
Eyes : (*ANGELICA) - Milky Winter Eyes /pink
Hair : .Olive. - the Nami Hair

So much cuteness and theres more!! i know right.. more you say.. can you stand it.. course you can ! 

Mons is having a Group Giftmas advent calender thingy right now, its a free to join group and you can get some fab goodies for nada, well worth checking out, i picked a few choice items to show off..

image Mons Giftmas Freebies image

Bindi : MONS / Giftmas Day 2 (bindi)
Cheek Piercing : MONS / Giftmas Day 13 (piercing-cheek)
Nose Pircing : MONS / Giftmas Day 10 (piercing-nose)
Nose Ring : MONS / Giftmas Day 9 (septum ring)
Choker : MONS / MESH - Choker (gift) black

also next door to Mons is Nox who is also doing a giftmas advent, free group again, my eye makeup is from there 

Eye Makeup : Nox Giftmas day 18, NOX. Restless image

ok almost done but ive gotta show off my lips again !  remember last post i mentioned that Soul had new lips out... well this is another set ! these ones are Doll Vampy! and see the cute ner ner pose, 2nd picture... the tongue is also from Soul so cute it has dipped tip colours! 

 Lips /Teeth : .:Soul:. - Kissers [v.2] - Doll - Vampire, vamp kitten teeth 
Tongue : .:Soul:. Kissers - Tongue - Corner

hang on!!  still a few things to go!  like my undies? are they not just Gorgeous?  MilkTea really does make some lovely underwear and this set is an exclusive offering at Anybody, lots of colours to chose from too \o/   and of course lets just have a quick mention of my tattoo's ... they are by T'Ink and the tummy one is a freebie! \o/  just gotta slap a subscriber and you get it as a gift <3

Undies : Milk Tea - Juliette Pink @ Anybody
 Tummy Tattoo : {T'Ink} - Puurfect Prezzi, Subscriber gift image
 Shoulder Tattoo : {T'Ink} -True love 

ok Now i'm done, i bet i left something out though, usually do. well i hope you found something you liked, i had a lotta fun putting this lot together, imma use the kitty gear for the next post, imma show off some undies!!  

See ya soon!!!
Titty image