Monday, 17 August 2015


Hai! yup back again please excuse the mess of my blog im giving it a bit of a revamp so my widgets and stuff are a bit messed up!

have ya noticed... new layout too you will see why once ive got things sorted..  not sure why i wanna change it but hey .. this is over a year old.. spring clean needed me thinks ^_^


Check out the picture, pretteh eh?  totally unedited too!  the sky preset was a stinker but i think the effort worked out well.

ive been shopping like a demon recently but the down side to that is i got a bit overwhelmed and didnt know what to do and what not too.. so .. i did this and il follow it up with some simple lotd posts just so i can catch up some <3

lets see what we have to show you here then ...

ive been to collabor88 and the fantasy gacha carni for most of these goodies .. its Collabor88's birthday this round is MASSIVE!!! there is soo much stuffs  go get it while you can! theres some awesome 88L bargains

Puppy : {anc}-  flottante puppy. milk . jump
Background mists : {anc}- mist clouds 
twinklie stars : [ keke ] - star glitter and Circle
Nose ring : Mons - Dreamer Septum Ring (style-2) silver
Skin : DeeTaleZ - Skin A.T.W. -  Jenna C88   only 188L 
( nose ring and Skin will be featured again next post )

Outfit : Dead Dollz - Bismillah - White Top - Rare & Bismillah - White Skirt - Rare image
Fishies & Moon : {anc} - I'm planet / fish circle/Fish School/Wrapped Melt Moon
Hair : Doe: - Rummy (Solid) - Colors

I really really love this outfit, Thankyou so much Kiddo  its gorgeous!  omg the hair too its soooo pretty! the horns are all part of it too they come with a colour change hud so you can match them to your skin or what ever.. so cool !! i was lucky i got the colours pack in just 2 pulls!   not gonna tell you how many pulls i took on the DeadDollz gacha .. it was a few haha but so worth it!

oh if you are interested in where i took this picture, i found this little sim.. i say little its huge really full of photo scenes theres beaches, woodlands, grundgy areas, castles houses.. oh theres alsorts its a great place to take pictures and whats even cooler.. is if you join the group for just 25L i think it was you can rez what ever you need! fantastic!  its called Duet!  check it out!  

See ya laters

Titty image