Monday, 27 July 2015

Relaxing Cuppa pink tea anyone?

Have ya Missed me?  even a little bit?
Hopes so :P

I know i's been gone for a while, but things are getting back to normal now so be prepared for Cuteness overloads!! 

lets start at the Kawaii Project \o/ 
My most favorite event of the month. 


Lets see .. 
Dress : {le fil casse} queen of hearts dolly dress pink
Boots : Violent Seduction - Liddell Boots (Pink)
Nail polish :  Angelica - Wonderland Nail Polish Gacha, Flamingo Common.

There is so much Aliceness over there this month it was so so hard to resist! but im a bit aliced out after my alice mania a few weeks ago haha. that and i didnt wanna out you through any more of my obsession :P

I went to the Manga fair too and guess what!!!  i found a freebie! 

Glasses : Tanoshi's Manga Fair Bowgane

next i bounced over the the seasons story and had my hair done, isnt it just ADORABLES!!!

Hair : Doe - Nikki - Candy Pack
Eyes : offbeat -My Little Mermaid Eyes 04

I really do get around on SL I only realize just how much when i have to work out where i got everything and end up running all over the grid haha
Note to self.. make notes of where you buy stuff! 

Next port of call is the Okinawa festival where i picked up ... 

Long Necklace : 1005 - gacha cup ice cream necklace
Eye Makeup : [KiiKO] - Lip 04 Gacha Rare item, Eyebags/blush
Lipstick : [KiiKO] - Lip 04 -raspberry
Beaded Bracelet :NAMINOKE - Candy Pipe/Bracelet Gacha, Common.

This place is just so much fun! lots to see, lots of freebies to find too if you look hard enough, buckets of cuteness!  lots of greedy greedy gachas too so watch out haha.

where too next ... lets see.. OMG!  of course! 
this is where i got this little buddeh!

Kitty Friend : Blah. (Tiny Companion)  Meow / Gacha

She's soooooo Cute! the pink one i have is the rare \o/ got it first time!!! 

Wait Wait theres more theres more! 

Next stop and the last event stop i think ... 

where i had to grab this necklace, it looks like one of those candy ones, seemed to be the theme of this post so it fits in fab! 

Choker : :BAMSE: - Peace and Love Necklace - SILVER

wow sooo much stuff! not even finished yet, i went a little nuts ya think?

now for the random stuffs! 

Piercings : NIJU -Var1cose-Piercing-assortment
Silver bracelet : Luxe - RavenClaw Gacha item RARE
Ring 1 : Luxe - Mikky Gacha Item  RARE 
Ring 2 : Schadenfreude - Badger Wee Beastie Ring 1
 Panties : 1 Hundred - Summer Love Panties @ Anybody  Tanku 
Garters + Stockings : .Quirky&Dreamsicle. - Sweet Tooth Garters - Pink
Doedy : [The Forge] - Pacifier, Pink

oh i almost forgot...  I made a new tattoo !!! 
 what do ya think? 

Its called ToothAche   can you see why? its covered in sweeties, cupcakes and chocolate! 
check it out, theres a demo! 
Tattoo : { T'Ink } - ToothAche ( Fade ) 

I'm proud opf this one, seams are great took me a while, im soooo picky lol but its worth it!

Props :
Bubble : HPMD - bubble chair  Freebie 
Tea Cup : [: KC :] - Kawaii Tea Spa ~Pink Tea~ Just 50L!
Lamby :  +Half-Deer+ - Kerfluffle Sheep

Phew!  I think ive covered everything! 
Did you make it this far... i wonder.. im i talking to myself now.. has everyone left for got get tea.. oooh .. Tea.. i'd like some Tea... * wanders off *