Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Poorly Teddy .. What can we do?

It's that time again! time to go crazy, spend every Linden you have and then beg borrow and .. steal.. you can't steal but thats the saying.. ya know .. more to get your fix of

The Arcade! 
(Du du du dnnnnnnnn )

Last round i spent a small fortune il admit, i get very carried away, this time i did the Arcade thriftily
yard sales! the poor avatars friend haha. 
ive managed to find everything i wanted from the event in yard sales and i'm over the moon! I did try getting into the event for like an hour with no hope of it letting me near it, nor the sim nextdoor, its crazy busy over there, so i figured right a yard sailing imma go! 

My poor Teddy though, look at him, drab and brown and boring! he's sick .. he's lost his pinkness! 
Whats a girl to do but play doctors and nurses... ok nurses and nurses in this case since we are all girls .. not to say girls can't be doctors.. but there was only nurse outfits available 

So me and mai buddies got to working on Mr Bear .. and didnt we look adorable doing it? 

All Gacha items

Dress, Stethoscope, nurses hats, eyepatch & syringe 
B.C.C - LoveHoney Nurse Collection

Kitty bits;  Ears,Tail, Collar, Sox
Sweet Thing - Kittens playtime Collection

Alpaca Friend: Atomic - Alpaca Pals
Sea Cow Floating Friend : Half Deer - Mermaids Majesty  RARE Mer -Moo

So, we investigate and check over the patient,  Nurse Chi distracted Mr Bear and Nurse Candy and I administer the tiny little injection of Concentrated Pinkness needed to fix my Poor Mr Bears .. attack of Drabness! 

" distract him Nurse Chi..  after 3 .. a tiny scratch ... 1   2    3   " i jab the needle into his head and Nurse Candy jumps on the plunger .. " see .. didn't hurt a bit now did it... " 

He needs a rest now for the pinkness to fight off the infection... we will see how he's doing in the next post .. 

In the mean time .. omg! i got some more furniture for my doll house !!!  Milk Motion had made an adorable bedroom set and ive got almost all the bits apart form the rare dressing table ... i wants it!  but i got the bed and stuff so i finally have a bedroom !!! 

Props : 

Bedroom Furnishings : Bed, side table/lamps, Window/curtain, foto frame, headboard string lights, Shag rug 
Milk Motion - Lili Doll Bedroom set Collection

ooh lets not forget .. Mr Bear! 
 <:*BoOgErS*:> - Beach Bears Collection   Lost Bear

everything came from the arcade via yard sales!  i found a few brilliant ones .. 2 id never even heard of before.. 

Public june 2015 arcade only, free to buy & sell
The Pea’s Arcade Yardsale  <-- Commons all at Pull prices 

these 2 are my favorite free to use yard sales, both awesome, well stocked and just for this round of the arcarde

2 of my favorite table top type yard sales, with items from everywhere! 
area search is a must! 

the only thing i didnt get from a gacha was my hair! its the newest one from Magika! 

Hair : Magika - Restless

The usual suspects :
Shape : Mine
Tattoo : Mine
Eyes : Buzz
Skin : Essences
Feet : Slink
Hands : Slink
Mesh Body : Maitreya

Tune in tomorrow for the results of Mr Bears medical care! and more adorableness from the Arcade! 

See ya soon Ladies! 

Titty ❤