Monday, 22 June 2015

Oooooo a Rabbit hole!

As promised, or threatened .. theres more alice!!
Forgive the time scale of these posts, had a death in the family things have been a bit all over the place RL
but this is defiantly a great distraction so im good ^_^

Careful Guys, It looks like a LONG way down! 

More Alice in Naughty land goodies to show you, this time with a rabbit theme! 
the Body suit and tailed jacket are sooo cute! and come with fit mesh sizes so i could wear it! Sweet! 
I spend nearly all my Linden in the gacha @ the Kawaii Project, Katat0nic really is one of my most favorite stores, been a fan since day one! in one avi or another   and her stuff just keeps on wowing me! check out my kitty he's so creepy cute!  i had to get the rare one called Jareth, I loves him!

Body Suit : E-Clipse -  I'M Late! Bodice White
Tailed Jacket :  E-Clipse - I'M Late !Frac Black
Shoes : Essenz - Salt Lake City (Black) GACHA RARE

Aaaaaaaggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... Wait... Where did that Stag come from? .... Aaaagggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh
Not just the Alice event in this post .. i went to the Kawaii project too, probably one of my top 5 events! loves it everything is soo soo cute! 

Cuddly Kitty :  *katat0nik* - (Jareth) Happy Kitty Doll RARE
Nails : Violent Seduction - Femme Felis Claws (Silver)
Socks/Garters ; Violent Seduction - Femme Felis Sock Set (White)

Check me out! Tumbled down a rabbit hole, plummeted to my death, landed in a wierd world and.. not a hair outa place \o/
I'd also like to show off this new skin.. did ya notice?  I got it from the alice event, its one by Deetalez, ive been searching for a new skin for ages .. one that didnt change my face too much, and finally i think i found one! I love it! its exclusive to the event and only 899! 
I took off my freckles and makeup for this pic so you can see the face as it comes, its lovely! and Adorables!  it has its own freckles but they are very understated, perfect though for a cute sunkissed look! theres a few shades to choose from too, i had to get the palest being a British girl! we don't get sun ere haha

Necklace : !TLB - Drink Me Necklace   Free Gift! Thankyou  
Skin : DeeTaleZ Skin - A.T.W. Skin Marlow FRECKLES

The usual suspects :
Shape : Mine
Tattoo : { Tink }
Eyes : Buzz
Feet : Slink
Hands : Slink
Mesh Body : Maitreya

Poses : 
Pose 1 : I made it for the picture
Pose 2 : :Picture This! - Submerge 5  75% off  sale on now! 
Pose 3 : GLITTERATI - Cute - 10

Location :  Dysphoria
Such a cute alice in wonderland sim, theres mushrooms, a tea party a castle scary swamps its pretty awesome! go vist!

ok so one more Alice post to come.. imma do a quickie to show off my other favs from the fair, then back to normal.. well. as normal as i ever was i guess

See ya soon Ladies! 

Titty ❤