Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Sunday Nights turn into Monday mornings!

Morning Dollies. Had a good weekend?   I did..  been busy playing League of Legends so much so my Sunday night literally turned into Monday morning and i totally didn't notice, good news is .. i made it into gold!!!   yay me!  and if you don't play you won't have a clue what i'm on about but trust me.. gold is pretty decent <3

Also been shopping like a boss this week and i'm totaly skint now but boy was it worth it!.  i got into collabera88 first time i tried on day 2... crazy that like never happens unless im trying the cam sim next door.. so that was cool. snatched up some goodies there.  the Arcade is still rocking .. more goodies there..  and on a more personal note I was invited to participate in the Appliqué event so i finished up a tattoo id been working on for a while and Panda Panda will be my exclusive for the event.


Mesh Body Addicts
Top : Cuddle Up - Kittie Top

Suicide Dolls
 Piercing : :Z.S: - Collar bone piercing 

Laptop : BUENO - Laptop Hustle
Cat : +Half-Deer+  - First Class Kitty - High-Tech Yarn - Snow
Rings : Astralia - Galaxy Nails&Rings
Nails : +Spellbound+ - Spooky Salon // Creature Claw

other stuffs
Bed : +Half-Deer+ - Dreamrose Princess Bed - Vintage White (PG)
 Dick Buddy : darkendStare&Quirky - Ethereal Dicku Pals [Unicorn] UNCOMMON 
Collar : ALTAIR* - heart choker
EyeMakeup : .ARISE. - Gua Eyeshadow
Hair : Magika - Checkpoint
Tattoo : {T'Ink}- Panda Panda. @ Appliqué opens 15th

Pose by me!

So many goodies!!!  hope you Dollies have a great week <3