Friday, 17 March 2017

I's Sorreh .... Pleeease let me out!

Dollies!  Happy weekend!! its Friday night.. i hope at least some of you are out parting or will be later!

have you ever been in the middle of taking foto's when your tinternet dies and your SL dies with it...... Right in the middle of your shoot?  i did not 20 minutes ago i was al but crying.. coz it took me ages to set up this pose with the fingers n all and i missed the lipstick i wanted to show you. so sorreh but that missing .. il pop it in the next one.   luckily i did get these 2 shots done so its not a 100% loss i guess...

Hair : Moon. Hair. - 3WW 
Silkies : {vincue} Eerie+Top and Eerie+Shorts
Shoes : CandyDoll - Lysae Heels Pink

Harness/Collar : Kotolier - Ume Blossom Harness Gacha

other stuffs
Weep makeup : hsh - GG weep Makeup * Group Gift *
seat behind : BUENO Suitcase Loveseat - Pretty Pineapple @ Arcade
Cage : Stockholm&Lima - Little Birdcage (Traditional)
Tears : CURELESS - Collyrium Tears / CLEAR

Fingers crossed il have another post with some very pretty undies coming in a day or two so please come back!  its always nice to see you <3