Tuesday, 13 September 2016

I'l wait by the phone

Hia Dollies, A mid week post!  i'm spoiling you :P   its coz i haz sooo much to show off this week im doing more pictures, theres a lot going on  the whore couture event is now open and in full swing, the arcade is closing soon! oh don't forget the fluffy and fierce event thats opening in a couple of days too, ive already been over there and there are some REALLY fab offerings up and half the stores are not even set up so think of whats to come!  ok so ... whats in this one ... A MAN!!!  ok not really its just his shadow.. who is he? i's not tellin!!!!

Corset : [CX] - Risque Corset image Tanku
Top : **RE** - Bad Girl Top - White
Shoes : #EMPIRE - Aubreita
Collar : [Fetch] - Prissy Collar image Tanku
Leg bands : *MUKA* - Leg Strap

 Thigh Tattoo : {T'Ink} Sweet Tooth  (Coming soon to F&F)
Hair : /Wasabi Pills/  - Vic

Sofa, lamp, curtains, horse head : Myrrine - MICHELLE creme sofa RARE, lamp pink, curtains and horse wall deco @ Arcade
Rug, Pet bed, Pom pup, Pillow : Birdy - Boudoir, Fur Rug Pink,  Pom bed, Pom Snow RARE, Fur Chair Pink ( Made Tiny ) @ Arcade
Cat : +Half-Deer+ - Magical Curiosities - Two-Headed Cat - Look (Snow) @ Arcade
Royal Chiwowa : Birdy - Royal Pets - Chihuahua - Spot @ Arcade

Poses : CW Poses

Right there ya go all the goodies, anything not listed was probably worn in the post before this so check it out too! I found a Little pose shop while i was bouncing around the other day, i was looking for a modeling chair with poses coz i wanna use it for my next picture so on the marketplace i went as always and i found this store, went inworld to try some of the poses out coz 70% of the time my hands are in mai Butt lol got there tried out the whole store and bought a bunch of poses!!  Go see! some great stuff! 

Make sure you check out the whore couture event too its HUGE! Loads of saucy nawtie Stuff to grab and the build is real easy to get around, its a pleasure to shop over there <3