Sunday, 18 September 2016

MoonDrops n Kosmic Kicks

Hia Dollies!!!   Happy Weekend!!! its a soggy sunday morning here and boi have i had a bad night, my neighbors were at it again from midnight to 6AM!!!! shouting and screaming and fighting, no sleep for me!  so as a result i's so grumpy!!!!  Grrrrrr Arrrgg!!  i likes mai sleep and they stole it! Meanies!  fingers crossed i'l get some sleep tonight,  in the mean time   as ya know the Fluffy and Fierce event opened a couple of days ago, or you might not know... ive not seen it on seraphim's feed! bit of an over sight me thinks, i though EVERY event was on there lol   but maybe its just late... anyways its an awesome event theres loads of great brands there and some really cute and dark scary stuff the sim is cute too you should totally check it out.  ive got some stuffs from there to show you and more coming too, kustom 9 also opened this week some nice stuffs there to i even went a little nutz on a gacha.. i know so unlike me right? lol  but i got the rare one!!!!  * happy Dance *

Dress : [QE] - Brookie Dress image Tanku
Sox : .::Supernatural::. - Lia Mint/Lilac
Shoes : *Epic* - Super Kosmic.Kicks! image Tanku
Undies : +Fawn's Demise+ - Cheap Frills - Panty image Tanku
Freckles : {T'Ink} - Cheek Sprinkles  ( Hunt Gift ) 
Thigh Tattoo : {T'Ink} - Sweet Tooth 
Ear Rings : [ bubble ] - Fluffy Earrings image Tanku

Whore Couture 
Poses : [XXY] Sexy Lolita Pack 

Eye makeup : Bossie. - doll eyeshadow
Lashes : Bossie. - doll lashes
Brows : Insol - 'Wild' brows 

Guinipig : Toro. - Guinea Pig Gacha
Decor : :HAIKEI: - Moon Drops gacha

Hair : /Wasabi Pills/ - Miki 

Loads of cute goodies in this post eh? plenty to keep you busy while i do mai next one anyways, i forgot to mention there is a Hunt that goes with the F&F event, the clues are all in the booths at the events with a LM to that stores Main location, where you can find the gift, its a really nice idea to get people to visit main stores as well as the event, so much is missed since main stores seem to be out of fasoin at the minute since there are so many events around, back to main stores!!!  people put a lotta love into them and they should be visited more i think <3