Friday, 3 April 2015

Can't Cook.. Don't cook, Make a mess ^_^

well, how do i start this one, erm ...

I was gonna bake you gurls some easter cookies, to munch while your reading.. but.. it kinda went wrong
but on the up side, i still look adorables so all is good in the world ^_^

anyone who follows my flicker ( and if you don't why not? ) will ahve seen the fabulas snapshot of me with a plate on mai head, i was collecting pots to get some great prizes in the ozimals easter hunt, it was actually kinda fun, but annouying when a pot popped up and someone from nowhere near snagged it before i could touch it. i wants to batter one girl haha, but i didnt im far too nice .. * cough *
well in the hunt are prizes from some of the stores in the sim, its fab coz you gotta follow the yellow brick road to munchin land to find the stores!!  Loved it!!
There are some great stores involved too Katat0nik made this fab dress in 3 different colours no less.. thats at least 3 plates of pots you will need to collect if you want one of each, and its random so its kinda like a free gacha, ~silentsparrow~ are also in there, pixel mode, ozimal bunnies and puffins .. and more! i best get on with it or i will be here waffling all day and you will get bored.

Land of Oz  Hunt Gifts ❤ :
Dress:  *katat0nik* - Holi Dress Multi
Lamb : ~silentsparrow~ (Lalu) Lambie Pie, music box
Potato peeple : Cubic Cherry - {3potatoes} 

Bracelets : .Chu. - Starz Bracelet    @  Olala Event
Chef's hat : Tamagosenbe - Chefs Hat  25L \o/
Hair : Eaters Coma - HAIR 61 

so cute right? took me a while but i managed to get all 3 dresses \o/  thier so cute... and thank goodness they did fit over my butt haha, though i did have to deflate the ladies to fit into the top but it was so worth it, sooo cute!

Now lets focus on the shooose!!!!! 
i saw these on flickr and was so excited i nearly spat cookie crumbs all over the screen, how adorables are these? 

they look awesomes with my favorite sox from TSG, these are the newest release by Epic, and they are indeed! epic that is

Shoes : *Epic*  - Bubble.Heart Wedges
Sox: TSG - Prissy Ruffle Socks

The usual suspects :
Shape : Mine
Tattoo : Mine
Eyes : Buzz
Skin : Essences
  Peircings : [NI.JU] 
Feet : Slink
Hands : Slink
Mesh Body : Maitreya

i think i covered everything ... oh btw you can also get breedable bunnies in the hunt, they are so cute! i might feature them soon, if i dont get over run.. they breed like tribbles ya know .. 
btw.. anyone seen Miss Chi? i think she went chasing bunnies and got lost :( 

Loves you