Everything's coming up Shiny

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Hai Dollies!  2 posts in a week! amazballs right? haha i know ive been a bit slack with post recently but ya know RL is a bish and always gets in the way, but as you can tell i'm doing mai bestest to pick things up again and post a bit more often, good thing right?  hope so.

oh i just wanna announce that I HATE GACHA MACHINES!!!  i do i hate hate hate them ... coz they always have the cutest stuff in them and i spend a small fortune trying to get the one i want and in this case the one i wanted was the uber rare one, typical and i spent ... way too much getting it, in the end i gave up on the machine and got it on the marketplace lol ... i don't really hate them i just hate how much cash they eat.   i don't hate this outfit though!! omg so worth the stress of getting it. its so shiny!  ive not edited this picture much at all all the shine you see is the shine on the outfit on high grafix with shadows n stuffs, isnt it awesome?  its so cool all straps n zips n shininess!

New Stuffs! 
 Collar : <Nocciola> Double Collar Pink @ Pon Pon 
Hair : Tableau Vivant -  Akira hair, Color fades @ shiny shabby
Outfit : [LAB737] - Scythia outfit (snow) ULTRARARE @ Fantasy Gacha
Rings Right hand : Schadenfreude - I'll Shot the Moon Rings @ Collabor88
Rings Left : Candy Crunchers - Laura Rings @ The Dressing Room
Doctors Mask : ::E*cko::  -  Doc.Kawai Mask Gacha #2 @ Cosmopolitan 
 Tattoo : {T'Ink} Mandaloony @ Anybody 
Poses 1,2,3 : *Eternal Dream* - Susan set @ Cosmopolitan 

Not so new stuffs! 
Windows : +Half-Deer+ - Faux Window - Unicorn Dreams
Dots Lamp : tarte. - neon circle garland
Star Lamp : BananaN - Star gacha wall lamp
Headphones : **RE** -  Bad-Kitty Headphones

 so much event hopping but its fun right? Shop till ya drop! 

See ya soon!!!
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Titty Sprinkles


Hai ^-^ I's Titty! Cute, funneh and adorably reagaly Pink! i love to blog stuff, the whole thing, building the backdrops hunting down props, poses and pissing about with lighting, i love to shop! like all girls i think, of course i love to show off too so this is meh showing off \o/ i hope you enjoy me as mush as i do * giggles * oh and my spelling is terrable forgives meh? :)