Sunday, 22 May 2016

Fight like a gurl!!

Hai Dollies!   Happy weekend!  yeah i was ment to post this yesterday but i ran outa time ..

Hope you are all doing GREAT!!  lots of shopping to be had out there, i wanted to do something a little different this post, im going retro .. well kinda im featuring some older stuffs i never got to feature when it first came out .. apart from the top .. it was the top that started the whole idea off.. well the sporty theme anyways ..  Sweet thing does it again with an adorable set of shorts and top   sadly the shorts were not that great for my fat ass lol  they do say that their Maitreya version is in beta .. needs a bitta tweeking me thinks but still check it out its adorables!!!

i hunted high and low for a decent sim with a quality boxing ring... hard to find!!!  lots of erm .. crappy ones out there with boxing rings made of boxes!!!! who uses boxes anymore.. mesh people.. it way cooler!!  i eventually found a really decent little sim .. i think it was ment for RP but it was empty while i was there, you can build there too bonus!!!  its got a gym and a boxing ring/pub and allsorts very nicely made .. il be nipping over there again im sure .. details in the credits down there .. 

Sim location : Warrior City  Props at locations

New stuffs 

Top : Sweet Thing. - Lace Up Crop 
Tattoo : {T'Ink} F.L.A.G  ( coming soon )
Arm Bands : *katat0nik* - Buckle Wrist Straps Unisex@ Gen Neutral 
Collar : Kibitz - Leather collar kawaii @ Fantasy Gacha 
Hair : [KoKoLoReS] Hair - Leela  @ Hairology

Older Stuffs

Shorts : [Cynful] - Hey Bae Pants
Boxing Gloves : [Since 1975] - Boxing Gloves Gold
Lips : .:Soul:. Kissers [v.2] - Anya - Closed

Poses by me! :P

got another post coming in a day or so, LOADS of stuff to show you on that one so come back k??

See ya soon!!!
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