Cosy Toesies

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Well as promised ive got more from the F R O S T to show you 
its huge that fair took a long time to get through it so it was real nice to come home and snuggle up infront of the fire and dream of ... oh thats a secret I'm not sharing 

so i guess i'l share where i found all these goodies, not everything if actually from the fair   but a few bits are, 

Chair : fri. - Cozy.Chair  @ COLLABOR88
Hair : ~Tableau Vivant~  Dreadlow Hair @ COLLABOR88
Leggings and Top : 1 Hundred @ F R O S T 
Legwarmers : Reign,  Cozies  @ F R O S T 
Arm Warmers : Epic From the snow bunny outfit @ The Boobies Show

The usual suspects :
Shape : Mine
Tattoo : Mine, thankyou Dethly Productions
Glasses, Mine
Eyes : Poetic Colors
Nails : Sensations
Teeth : Deetalez
Skin : Essences
Boobs : Lolas Mirage
Ass : Linc Phat Azz
Collar : open collar freebie coz im waiting for my favorite Blah one to be scripted
  Peircings : Hebenon Vial
Feet : Slink

I love everything about this outfit honestly or else why wear it ? 
the leg warmers are fantastic and come ready for slink feet in all shapes, flat, med and high.
the hair comes in a lotta colour packs, and included boobies friendly sizes, you can also choose your colour for the hat, at 188L its well worth snagging while you can
oh and the chair has some really nice poses, i did use animare to adjust this one a little just so you know :)

Titty Sprinkles


Hai ^-^ I's Titty! Cute, funneh and adorably reagaly Pink! i love to blog stuff, the whole thing, building the backdrops hunting down props, poses and pissing about with lighting, i love to shop! like all girls i think, of course i love to show off too so this is meh showing off \o/ i hope you enjoy me as mush as i do * giggles * oh and my spelling is terrable forgives meh? :)