Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Pink Frosting

The Frost Fair Opened this week so i went to see what i could dig up
I'm really please to say i did find a few Things to add to my perfect pinkness collection! 

Check this out! 
Ok its not all from the fair but bits of it is :P

The Outfit : 
Hair : Truth Althea New! 
Bracelet : Maxi Gossamer Ritzy Shimmer Pearls
Shorts: Suicide Unborn Booty Shorts 
Top: Geek Geek-Disks Shirt @ F R O S T
Furry Friend: Geek, The Foxy Bot 
Boots: (r)M~(ePunk) Boots~No.03 @ F R O S T

The usual suspects :
Shape : Mine
Tattoo : Mine, thankyou Dethly Productions 
Glasses, Mine
Eyes : Poetic Colors
Nails : Sensations
Teeth : Deetalez
Skin : Essences
Boobs : Lolas Mirage
Ass : Linc Phat Azz
Collar : open collar freebie coz im waiting for my favorite Blah one to be scripted
Ears : Mandala
Peircings : Hebenon Vial

I Love the Jacket i got from Geek, its adorable and in "kitty Pink" best name for pink ever if you ask me, not to mention the cute little foxy bot i snagged while i was there, he even talks to you its so cute! no pink one though :( but white is good too ..

These boots are to die for too, they even have phat azz sizes not just for the regular one but the fatter thighs one too perfect for me coz i like a chunky butt. more like this please!!
I have have more stuff i got from there coming up too so watch this space k?