Tuesday, 19 January 2016

In my room ...

oooooh Darkness!!! lol   yeah i turned all the lights off and just sat by the fire.. pretty though eh?

Hia Dollies!

Back again to bring you nawty cuteness!  so much nawtyness recently your going to start thinking im a harlot!  with the Romp event on i think everyone should embrace their nawty side.. even for a little bit .. theres such awesome stuff over there its still open and now the crowds are gone you can get in easy \o/  so go grab a bargain while you can, a lotta stuff is 25% off or some other deal so check it out!  you might regret it later ya know! its only open for a few more days

Harness upper/ lower/cuffs : OA/[CON] - Sluts Harness image Tanku 
Seat : {RW} - Tantra Chair image Tanku
Poses 1/3 : !Bang - Tease image Tanku
Cage : Exposeur - Precious Pet Cage image Tanku 
Food Bowls & dog bone : HopScotch - Doggy Play Set image Tanku
Rug : {RW} - Pale Shaggy Rug image Tanku 

this harness is awesome! it has all your RLV bells n whistles but for those who dont use that it still has loads of features, you can change the leather straps to a bunch of colours \o/ the pink n blue looks Awesome!!  it has nawti toys too a butt plug and a dildo and a vibraty egg thing .. my personal fav lol love those things !!!  all sorts! well worth the money and it fits great too! 

Shoes : [CX] - Wrapped Himo Geta ( white, Tinted pink )
Clock :  .::Cubic Cherry::.  - {NOISE} empty tickingRARE
Fish bowl : {anc} - bloom / bottle fish [milk white] 2Li RARE
Collar : ALTAIR* cat collar .pink.

Hair : Exile:: - Loose Ends

Fireplace : 
Book Shelves : DRD - 11. Giant bookshelf  1a

did i get everything? hope so lol usually i forget something somewhere and have to nip back and add it. i'm too ditzy i swaer, but hey its an adorable trait so im told! 

The Epiphany is a great event but i really don't like the exclusives thing, so many commons you have to give up for that one single thing .. its ok if your loaded and can pull and pull and pull but if your not like meh .. i have to resell em or id have no money at all ... unfair!!!  but hey i still get some goodies, i got the blue berry undies, just wish i could get the strings to complete the outfit but i can't .. Grrrr   * stamps feet * so unfair lol  il show you those next post! they are awesome! maybe il just draw in the stringy bits hahaha <3