Saturday, 27 December 2014


I text him " I'm @ the Gym " 

This one really isnt a blog post as in.. lotd kinda thing, just a "i've got nothing better to do so imma do this " post :P

So the holidays are over.. till new years anyhow, the clean ups been done, everyones sorted and I'm bored, so i decided to go check out the new Maitreya Mesh body and i must say its the best ive tried so far. apart from one tiny little niggle, the clothing layers cut off at the collar, if you have an outfit that goes above your neck its then you have to wear the tattoo layer.  its a small thing and the rest of it makes up for that, the bum shape is lovely and shapely as are the boobs it even fits my slink feet and hands without gaps, none of the other ones did that, so im in love! it does come with its own hands and feet that ive not tried coz honestly i love my slinky hands and feet no need to try others. so as i had this swish new bod i had to go take pictures of it, why not make another contest entry? i still had time and i had inspiration for it from the shoes i got .. so off i went.

All the props in this picture i collected from gatcha yard sales, it took me HOURS!  but it was great fun, theres so much cuteness out there its hard to choose just a few things, i spent a small fortune and ive lots of left over bits for further pictures \o/  the little sugar garden yorkie is adorable if a bit grumpy looking, i called mine tilly, i actually nipped over the tsg and found this cute phone gatcha, played one time and got a rare one covered in sweeties, PERFECT i thought! 

Along with all the other nommy goodies i found i also snagged this bed for like 100L its part of the grannies house set and its adorable, the pose is mine though, the poses int he bed are sleepy ones and not very exciting for this photo. imma have to clean the sheets though the icecream fell off the plate haha. 

so lets see,, my top  is from Aphrodisiac, and the shoes from TCS Shoes
both are exclusive items for the cleavage sim 2nd anniversary bash

my jeans are from deetalez and il be honest i love them but not been able to wear them since they only have a phat azz applier.. but now i have this new bod .. that uses the omega system \o/ i was able to convert the ass applier into a body applier in a second and im so pleased i can wear these again, i spent a good 3 hours trolling all over events and things trying to find a nice pair of jeans/pants for this picture and could i find a single pair.. No!  not one all the items are body suits, tops, dresses, undies, no pants at all, why .. why are the designers of today not making good jeans! lol oh ok i did find one or 2 pairs of leggings come to think of it but nothing much. 

ok well i will be back in the new year hopefully il be able to find something pink and adorable from the new months of events, cross ya fingers for cuteness girls 

Happy new year!